The Haunting Skeleton in Dr. Bawumia's Closet! Sir, Welcome To The Party!

Thu, 21 Aug 2008 Source: Antwi, William

Having descended into the political arena with so much rancor, division, bitterness, bickering and backbiting within his now beleaguered NPP establishment and recognizing the fact that we owe it as a duty to our nation and the stability of democracy, we hereby submit the following simple questions for the attention of Dr. Bawumia and Dr. Bawumia, only. Sir, welcome to the party and enjoy it while it lasts!

It is farcical to see and hear our frightened elephant party - has anybody seen a frightened elephant before? - talking about the qualifications of Dr. Bawumia (admittedly, they are tall and impressive on the face) without a corresponding allusion to the haunting skeletons in his closet. As usual, using their stranglehold on the mass media - print or otherwise - this terribly corrupt, divisive, tribalistic, wasteful and incompetent government is desperately trying to hide them from the public view. However, discerning Ghanaians have started asking those intelligent and probing questions that have started shaking the already troubled campaign of the NPP and that of their contemptuously arrogant, divisive, "integrityless" and scandal-scared presidential candidate, Nana Akufo Addo.

Now the real issues and Dr. Bawumia’s haunting skeletons: REDENOMINATION PROCESS: First, we all know that as deputy governor of Bank of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia, was in charge of the redenomination monetary process. We now understand why he couldn't tell us how much that exercise cost the nation.The questions are: 1. Why did he stubbornly refuse to tell us the price tag for that exercise? And, importantly, what part did politics play in his contemptuous refusal to reveal the price tag? 2. Where and how were the "old currencies" destroyed? For example, can he please throw light on the destruction of the old currencies in Kade?

AND3. Can he tell the nation whether all the new currencies which were flown into the country at the beginning of the exercise accounted for? ON GT: It is now uncontroverted that Dr. Bawumia is a member of the Board of Directors of the GT. However, in a deceitful and shameless manner, the NPP conveniently removed this important piece of information from Dr. Bawumia’s CV! How so convenient! We must always remember that the Board of Directors superintends the activities of GT. Which commonsensically and invariably means that it is directly responsible for the health of that national asset. And we now all know the ill-health - stemming from massive corruption to mismanagement to cronyism - of that golden national asset which was ran down and disgracefully sold off for a pittance! Just do the calculations, namely, ($900m minus $431m)!!!!! And, that ridiculously low number - $469m - represents how much they are paying for GT!


1. What policies did he help put in place to alleviate the economic hardship that bedeviled GT?

2. If Dr. Bawumia truly and honestly believe in the sacred concepts of probity, accountability, transparency and sunshine, what prompted them to insert the indemnity/immunity clause in the recently ratified Vodafone agreement? Or is this a classic case where he has something criminal to hide from the plying eyes of the now eye-red public?

3. How much was he taking as a member of the Board of Directors? And, importantly, was that amount worth taking, taking into direct consideration the massive fraud and mismanagement that took place at GT?


Now that he is claiming credit for this undeserving account - Dr. Nduom, you are put on notice, there is a "new kid" on the block - concerned Ghanaians would like to know, how the account has so far been utilized.


As the financial point man of this bond, can he please enlighten us on the following?

A. What happened to the $750m "loan" we mortgaged the country for? AND

B. How did we spend or waste it to the point that we can't even get a mere $130m to cement a hole in our national budget as per the unchallenged statement by Mr. Pianim, a political icon within the NPP establishment?


As the wizard behind our economic collapse - inflation is now hovering around 18% - 20% but it can be higher - can he please tell us how much is the national debt?

2. How much was the national debt when the NPP took over power - courtesy a democratic and peace-loving NDC government under the able leadership of Mr. Rawlings?

3. How much have we so far borrowed from internal and external sources under this terrifyingly corrupt and incompetent government?

4. Is it true that our past debts were forgiven when we fully embraced "HIPC"? And, if so, how much was forgiven?

We are all reminded that since Dr. Bawumia is now a full-time political figure - capable of being our future president - we will continue to ask simple, intelligent questions and duly expect him to honestly answer them. Our patriotic efforts are dictated by the fortunate fact that we want this make-or-break campaign to be issues-oriented. Nothing personal! More revealing questions later.


Columnist: Antwi, William