Using the airwaves to raise Godly future leaders – the Wengham style

Thu, 3 Feb 2011 Source: Agyemang, Frank

Most radio stations in Ghana, if not all, have created their own unique ways of starting their days with spiritual or devotional programmes. Presenters of those programmes have segmented their presentations in their own in-house styles.

If there is anything that most of these radio stations should be rewarded for, it is their ability to energise their audience to start the day on promising note, full of hope and expectations. These radio stations are able to inspire listeners by giving hope to the hopeless and strengthening the weak. There are times when all one needed is a word of encouragement to move on, and most of the time, the radio had been there at the right time to do just that.

I have on numerous occasions been challenged and motivated by such early morning programmes to do things I would have ordinarily ignored. It is also heartwarming and refreshing to hear the testimonies of people going through similar problem that one thinks it’s peculiar to him or her. Such stories or testimonies motivate other listeners and energise them to be resolute and work their ways out of challenging situations.

In fact, early morning devotional programmes on our radio stations deserve some commendation. What we seem not to recognise or appreciate is the fact that these programmes influence most of Ghana’s workforce each morning. Our bosses and co-workers in one way or the other are influenced in their early morning decision making processes upon listening to any of such morning devotional programmes.

Personally, I do flip my dial between JOY FM and CITI FM, stations I comfortably relate to. Occasionally, that’s on-board trotro, I have had the opportunity of listening to Peace FM and Adom FM devotional programmes.

Stephen Y. Wengham, Presenter of CITI FM’s morning programme named, ‘THIS IS YOUR DAY’ is gradually changing the phase of these early morning devotional programmes on the airwaves. Acclaimed Bishop of the Airwaves has segmented his programme in such a way that even children have now become active participant. Children as young as six years call into the programme and not only that, but they are able to recollect the topic and narrate the lessons. As early as 4am, these children (Elikem, Aku, Norvisi, Fafa and others) are already up and ready to flow with Pastor Stephen Wengham.

During the yuletide, some of these children were given the opportunity to host “THIS IS YOUR DAY” on Citi FM. The impact of such initiative on our children is immeasurable. It is a memorable experience for these kids! I think this is a practical approach towards building whole new generational leaders.

It takes self-discipline and self-control for one to participate effectively in an early morning devotional programme and if these children should continue in that manner then we should be assured of disciplined future leaders. Leaders who have come to understand that God would not do by miracle what they ought to do by responsibilities.

God bless you, Pator Wengham!

Frank Agyemang


Columnist: Agyemang, Frank