When did the NPP become this cheap in the Sege constituency?

Fri, 12 Jul 2019 Source: Nene Matse Lamptey

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The New Patriotic Party(NPP), per its tradition, is known as a party of elites and intellectuals, a tag which from the beginning has negatively affected its electoral fortunes because of how the NDC tends to propagandise this fact to sections of the teeming unsuspecting voter population. This unfortunate situation notwithstanding, the NPP has managed, mostly through its good works, to endear itself to the greater population of Ghanaians, including the youth, many of whom want to be identified as intellectually discerning or enlightened.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that candidates who, from time to time, offer to represent the NPP in the Sege Constituency in parliament, also tend to portray themselves as enlightened and discerning, in line with the party’s image.

First, in 1996, we in the Sege Constituency presented Madam Lorraine Tekperkie Damenguah, an accomplished educationist, as a parliamentary candidate. She was part of the distinguished Ghanaian women who attended the famous Beijing Conference, and was even pencilled for a ministerial position before icy cold hands of death claimed her.

Then, in the year 2000, we presented Hon. A.L Akrofi, our current DCE, whose endearing profile, for the sake of time and space, cannot be elaborated upon here.

Since 2008, we have had the Hon. Divine Otoo Agorhom, an accomplished businessman with a strong will, impeccable vocal abilities and an amiable personality. Today, he has risen to become the Greater Accra Regional Chairman for the NPP.

It has been almost three decades since we have kept these high and credible standards, but it seems that we are about throwing them to the dogs now. 2020 is fast approaching and, as usual, some names have been making the rounds.

One such name which must not be allowed to “soil the name of the NPP”, especially now that it has become very attractive and gaining grounds in the Constituency, is Eunice Lasi.

The mention of her name started as a joke, but now some unscrupulous and mischievous persons are unfortunately backing her to strive and we are all quiet as if it's normal.

All I seek to say with this long nonsense, as some people I know are already saying in their minds, is that, the NPP risks recording its worse performance in 2020 if it presents her as the parliamentary candidate in the event that she wins. O’ yes, that is the bitter truth we should be bold to acknowledge now than later.

So, who is this Eunice? Was she not the same lady who, together with some supporters, caused the NPP unnecessary tension in the run-up to last year’s constituency executive elections? Was she not the one who took the party to court and caused the elections to be postponed on about two occasions, causing the aspirants to lose lots of money while they waited?

If I may ask, was she in any way justified in going to court? No! Why? The rules of that election caught up with her after it was established that she wasn't a registered voter in the constituency.

Is it not worth remembering that on the day the Hon. Divine (the current regional Chairman), together with Mr. Sylvester Tetteh and Hon. Jonathan Doku (Ningo DCE), came to address delegates on this same issue, this same Eunice and her mother, in the full glare of the public, rained series of insults on him (Hon. Divine)?

Some of the words they used were so unprintable that I cannot repeat them here. Has she (and the mother) even had the courage to apologize to anybody at all about her uncouth behaviour? I don't think so.

So tell me, in the history of our party, when has an aggrieved member brought his or her parents to insult people simply because they were not happy with a decision? This is a clear case of immaturity which must not be tolerated in our party. Any childish candidate who cannot detach his family from party business must not be supported to thrive.

Now, when someone is putting himself forward for a public office, it is only appropriate for the person to introduce himself briefly to the public, especially about their educational background. This is done for the records and also for followers to know whom they are dealing with. Though there is no special qualification for this very office, the followers deserve to know nonetheless. The last time someone went to parliament with hairdressing as her highest qualification, she didn't hide it. A lot of times when this came up it was brushed under the carpet.

There have also been allegations of Eunice sleeping with the very people who are supposed to be guarding and protecting her whenever she visits the constituency. And all she ever has said to the allegations is the typical uncivilised person’s response: “it is my own vag** and I choose to give to anyone I so wish". Should such lose, unintelligent talk be coming from someone aspiring to such noble position? Perhaps she has forgotten that it is only the V* ** that belongs to her, and not the NPP and the office she is vying to occupy.

Someone should, therefore, tell her bluntly that she can use her vijay anyhow, but the moment she leaves her bedroom to deal with the party, it becomes every party member’s concern. She should leave our party alone and go and misuse her vijay and nobody will care about that.

We can't afford to give our opponents ammunition to fire at us in the unlikely event she wins.

Again, we hear that she is “throwing” substantial money around, though nobody knows the kind of business she is into.

Don't tell me it's nobody’s business because, as I have already indicated, the party deserves to fully know who its aspirants are, and this includes their businesses and source of income. We should be smart to know and remember always that if we, the NPP members, don't ask these important questions, the NDC would someday.

Lastly, recently Eunice claimed she visited South Africa, but people raised doubts about the trip. Till now, she has been unable to prove the doubters wrong. She couldn't show her online ticket or her visa-stamped passport. This, someone of us see as dishonesty. A ploy to deceive unsuspecting party members to gain undue popularity. How can we trust such a dishonest person with such a high office?

Implications: In the event that someone of this caliber wins the primaries, s/he automatically becomes the leader of our party. She will be in charge of our finances and will have to veto most of the major decisions this party will take in the constituency. Whoever desires to know more about the powers of the parliamentary candidate should kindly refer to the party's constitution.

Secondly, all these and other negatives will be enough ammunition for our opponents, the NDC, to shoot us down at the 2020 elections.

And now the big question: would Chairman Divine, being the Regional chairman, be able to comfortably work with her as a candidate after insulting her and never apologized?

And this goes to the constituency executives: you'll be the most useless group of executives this constituency has ever had should you allow this unfortunate thing to happen to this party which people toiled for. Don't forget the onus lies on you to help look for a credible candidate who will uphold the standards set by previous candidates.

Observing how things are panning out, an impression is being created subtly, that, anybody at all can come to the constituency, mis-behave and nobody can call the person to order.

Did we take our time to question this young woman to know those behind her and know if their ideology fits into that of the party and constituency? Should we sit down, fold our arms and watch while things are screwed anyhow? Definitely NO! What of if the Ndc is planting her into our fold. We must not sit and watch while our dear party is tossed like football. No!

Rebuttals are highly welcomed to this genuine concern and observations, though they must be tabled in the most healthy forms in order to elicit similar responses.

This is part one. Interested readers should expect a sequel after this is well addressed or mis-addressed.

By a concerned party faithful who is watching from afar.

I will surely be back.

Columnist: Nene Matse Lamptey