Unofficial “Legalisation” Of Homosexuality Will Bring More Violence

Wed, 21 Mar 2012 Source: Tutu, Prince Osei


News reports between 13th – 15th March, 2012 carried the stories of an attack of a group of partying homosexuals at James Town a suburb of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

The alleged attack was said to have been organized by some irate youth of the area who abhors the deadly act of homosexuality

The homosexuals according to reports called a lawyer who in-turn called the police to as usual ensure justice. A day after the incidence, a section of the media reported that the homos were seeking refuge in an NGO’s office at Asylum down - an area in the city of Accra. The reason for that REFUGE SEEKING by those openly confessed gays and lesbians is yet to be told. Subsequently TV3 on the evening of Friday, 16th March, broadcast an interview of a group of sticks-wielding youth threatening to deal ruthlessly with homosexuals in the precincts of James Town. The National Police Public Relations Officer (Cephas Arthur) in the same bulletin retorted that the action by the irate youth is punishable by law. No doubt. Physical attack of any form against another person is an offence. However the police spokesman failed to tell the relevant portions of the law that also criminalizes the action(s) of the homosexuals. In that media interview and since the news broke out no law enforcement agency has given indication that the openly confessed homosexuals shall be arrested and prosecuted as the criminal code prescribes. This total neglect of the laws of Ghana by the law enforcement agencies has come as a great shock to International Movement Against Same-sex. (IMASS) It must be indicated that IMASS does not necessarily support the violent action of the youth of James Town. But IMASS believes that the root cause of what precipitated the violent action must be dealt with. IMASS would want to know if the police and Ghanaians will go to sleep if a handful of people take arms to over throw the democratically elected government of Ghana? IMASS wish to say unambiguously that homosexuality is against the laws of Ghana and a coup d’ tat against nature and civility, hence those gays and lesbians must be arrested immediately. Without absolute enforcement of laws against homosexuality Ghana will see more violence.

Prince Osei Tutu Executive Secretary IMASS Email: imass23@yahoo.com Tel: 0244- 242308

Columnist: Tutu, Prince Osei