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Blame Black African leaders for the suffering of black people worldwide

Floyd And Chauvin Floyd was killed by a police officer

Sun, 31 May 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

It is about time we called a spade a spade. The suffering of black people as a race, no matter how rich, intelligent, highly educated, and wherever they are on the surface of the earthly planet, must be blamed on the head of the African leaders with the entire continental black Africans included. By extension, the suffering of our descendants in Europe and especially, in the United States of America and Central America, must in the same vein be blamed on continental black Africans.

In order not to waste anyone's time and ears, I am going to submit my reason(s) for blaming the African leaders and citizens for the dehumanizing treatments and/or fatalities oftentimes meted out to black people wherever we find ourselves, even in our own continental African land of birth.

In this 21st Century America, why would African-Americans, thus the offspring of our ancestors who were captured, transported into the then New World (America) and forced into denigrating slavery, suffer the visitation of the savageries of slavery after the suppression and abolition of slave trade in the 19th Century? Why are black Americans (African Americans), after gaining civil rights in America, during which peaceful public protests some lost their lives, notably among whom was Martin Luther King Jnr, now being forced into the dark ages of discrimination, racism, harassment and murder at the whims of certain persons ascribing to themselves white supremacy?

In the United States of America (USA) as we speak, some of the white police personnel think they have the right to kill black people without ever being punished for their acts. There are many instances where they have illegally killed people of black colour and got away with it hence their undeterred joyous propensity to kill regardless of the location, time and the offence allegedly committed by the black man (culprit).

Whatever the maltreatment being constantly inflicted on black Americans or black people, either in USA, Europe, China or Africa, I feel we have to blame the black African leaders and black people on the continent of Africa for that. The remote cause of the sufferings of black people, no matter where they find themselves on the surface of the earth, lies with the corrupt, myopic, selfish and incompetent attitudes by the African leaders and the nonchalant attitude put up by African citizens while their leaders gleefully get away with their ruinous crimes.

The money needed for developing African countries to earn us the respect as civilized, intelligent and developed people or country, ends up being embezzled by a few leaders and their agents and assigns. The monies so stolen by our political leaders and their cronies, to deprive the countries of the needed funds for development, end up being deposited in foreign offshore bank accounts of these leaders to directly benefit the economies of the already advanced white countries that see the African leaders and Africans, or in general the black people, as uncivilized and subhuman not worth inhabiting the earth alongside the superior white people.

While the African leaders embezzle the funds, there we are having some people in their countries supporting them while the majority that are timid, keep to themselves in the hope of avoiding, attack by, or incurring the wrath of, their leaders were they to voice out against their thieving attitudes. By keeping our silence because of fear, it means we consent to our leaders embezzling public funds all the time with impunity. We then end up looking up to the whites for all the basic essentials of life. Why would some of them not capitalise on our annoying parasitic scrounging to see us as a race of people worth exterminating but cleverly gradually?

There is a history of the Caucasians or whites making mockery of the Japanese and the Chinese as yellow short persons with squinted eyes. As soon as the Japanese became an economic world power in the 20th Century, only second to the USA, no one could ridicule them any longer. They earned the respect of the world with most of the European and American whites becoming afraid of them, if not kowtowing to them. Now that China is the second largest world economy, just about to overtake the USA as well as being a military super power, no one is again able to make a joke of them as it used to be in the 20th Century.

From the above, one could tell that it is not by your height, size, weight, age or skin colour that you will be disrespected or respected, but by how far you exploit your unlimited potentials or not, as a race of people and a continent of nations. Were black African countries to develop to better the living conditions of their lot as has been done by the Japanese and the Chinese, trust me, black people the world over would earn the respect of the whites without any black person ever to be looked down to, killed or maltreated for the fact of being black as it is being witnessed in the USA and China.

The ordinary black Africans have a duty not to support any African leaders who are not visionary but also overwhelmingly corrupt to steal their nation's funds to reduce their people to beggars. Beggars are without the choice to demand to be treated fairly and respectfully. We are far behind time, fellow black Africans.

Could a Japanese or a Chinese be treated and killed the way African American George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, USA, by a white copper on Monday, 25 May 2020? No, no and no! What could compel the white copper in the third video to say that they only kill black people? Is it not because black people are seen not worthy to live because they are a bunch of useless people only interested in sex, drugs, possession of great wealth without earning it properly but dubiously? Great shame on us black Africans for what is happening to our grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren in the USA.

Why have we self-inflicted pain on ourselves through the negligence of survival performance duties? Why are we adoring and supporting our myopic leaders who know nothing but embezzlement of public funds? Let us wake up and be up and doing before we are offered free vaccines for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) only to wake to find ourselves in the land of the dead.

In conclusion, I shall advise that we resist our leaders who are myopic, greedy, selfish, and corrupt to rather support those that come across as visionary and are pursuing policies and programs that are geared toward making the black African countries self-reliant to stop relying on foreigners for everything. By this, we shall no longer be looked down upon as subhuman who are only good to be killed.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo