Blame President Mahama for the High Electricity/Utility Bills but Not Any Software

Thu, 26 May 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Almost any Ghanaian in Ghana who relies on the use of electricity for one thing or the other, has been moaning about the extremely doubtful killer hikes in prices of the consumption of such commodities.

Officially, it is being explained away that the ridiculously high increment in prices of electricity bills is down to software problem. I find the official explanation completely absurd. For how long should it take Ghanaians to come out moaning before someone from the Ghana Electricity Corporation could volunteer that outrageous official explanation?

If it were in the civilized Western world, thus, Europe or America, whoever is in charge of the Ghana Electricity Corporation would either have resigned voluntarily or been forced to vacate his or her post long ago.

How could they sit comfortably, doing nothing when they are clearly aware of the software problem that has been robbing consumers of about ten times the actual money (bill) they are to pay for the consumption of electricity, should we accept their official explanation as anything credible?

Was the software not programmed by human beings? Did they not run the software to detect how effective it was to serve the purpose for which the Ghana Electricity Corporation was purchasing it prior to installing it and then going public with it? If those who bought that software had failed to run it to establish how effective or defective it was, then they are not fit to hold their current positions as Directors or whatever, of the Corporation.

It really gets to me when I see ignorant, “kalabule”, and educated-illiterates trying to take Ghanaians for fools through underestimation of our intelligence.

They have deliberately colluded with President Mahama who has eaten all the flesh off the bone to cheat Ghanaians; robbing us in a broad daylight.

Let us look at the knockdown effect their intentional robbery on Ghanaians has had on other sectors of the economy. The high electricity prices have culminated in some large, medium and small scale industries folding up because of their inability to afford the high electricity cost. This has resulted in the laying off of workers hence augmenting the unemployment and joblessness in the country. Has this joblessness not increased the armed robbery in Ghana, thereby vindicating the adage, “The devil finds job for an idle hand?”

This is President Mahama’s “Better Ghana Agenda” for you. The astronomical hikes in electricity bills is a way forward for President Mahama to indirectly raise money for his 2016 electioneering campaign. He wants to rob the people to give the money to his bogus radio phone-in serial callers and people like the shameless Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Koku Anyidoho, Sam George and a host of others to throw dust into Ghanaians’ eyes in the hope of rigging election 2016. By acquiring such illegal money, he hopes to bribe some chiefs by buying them cars and also purchasing some people’s votes.

Whatever he does, he will lose election 2016, God willing. His days are numbered!

I call on Ghanaians to speak up against the obnoxious hikes in electricity bills. For how long are we going to sit on the fence while this unprecedentedly incompetent, clueless, and corrupt President takes Ghanaians for fools? He is mismanaging Ghana for his own parochial interest so it is about time we kicked him and his thieving NDC government out of power.

Any Ghanaian who has had enough of the roguish administration by President Mahama should please join me to campaign to kick him out of power come November 7, 2016.

Be honest with yourselves, oh fellow ordinary Ghanaians, to tell whether or not you are living in a “Better Ghana” or a “Bitter Ghana”.

President Mahama will be gone on 7 November 2016 whether he likes it or not. He can eat “pusa kenten ma”, he will still be voted out of the presidency.

For how long are we going to sit watching and twirling our fingers while President Mahama mismanages Ghana as though it is his personal property? Ghana is not his alone but for the entire citizens of Ghana so we must have a say in whatever direction he is taking the country even though as irresponsible as he is, he will not listen to our wise admonition as ordinary Ghanaians because we have not been Presidents of Ghana before. This is the trait of a clueless and a disastrously failed President!

Ghanaians, please do not allow the Ghana Electricity Corporation with their agents and assigns to use their pen or software to rob you “pasaaa” (beyond redemption).

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson