Bleoo on Amidu, Please

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Tue, 24 Nov 2015 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Please hold your fire if you have a beef with my one and only Amidu. Martin, the anti-corruption warrior, may be a declared congressperson. However, he can hardly be guilty of the congress looting mentality and thieving ways. Man bii, na tsui oha Amidu (Compatriots, have patience for Amidu). Adwo bre3; tsui bl?oo (Just be patient with him) because he fights corruption not for himself but for the motherland.

Compatriot Amidu is unhappy with conspired collusion between the executive and whoever, or whatever other, to provide the executive with the ammunition to overpower and subjugate the legislature and the judiciary.

The executive should be discouraged from swallowing the legislature and the judiciary. Being the arm controlling the public purse, a rotten corrupt executive, such as we have, will bribe and corrupt the legislature and judiciary.

It’s the executive which bribes the legislature to get its bills passed. Uncritical bills are rushed and passed under certificate of urgency. Our constitution allows only the executive to introduce bills. If you don’t have short memory you will recall a CI fraught with mistakes improperly created 45 constituencies three months to the 2012 election.

The quantum of loans, contracted by the executive and legislature approved since 2012, is nauseating.

Stinking STX loan you will remember. No one told us taxpayers how much of our money was wasted. The executive cannot tell me or any non-congress of my compatriots that it was oblivious of the GH¢317 million wasted by a corrupt Electoral Commission.

The executive sat by watching and ensuring no one was held responsible.

These exemplify comrade Amidu’s beef with attempts to incestuously allow the executive to undermine the legislature and the judiciary. My compatriots, you know an Attorney-General ganging up and refusing and condoning a Woyome non-appearance before the PAC.

Everyone knows the executive bribery influence on an election petition verdict. We all know about the night prowler ministers who sought clandestinely to influence an election petition ruling. Amidu’s detractors ought to remember congress’ determination to kill cat judges by any means. It’s no sin for Amidu to condemn an executive using unorthodox ways to undermine the judiciary.

Corruption has not evaporated because cocoa and harbour bribery were exposed for financial gain. Let us agree with brother Amidu to find a way, such as addressing institutional lapses helped by the Albert Kan Dapaah formula to make institutions work to contain and eventually stop corruption. Corruption is the number one vice responsible for the motherland’s underdevelopment.

If the BNI, CHRAJ, CID, EOCO, all anti-corruption state apparatuses are allowed and made to function effectively along with monitoring of wealth acquisition by members of government, we will get somewhere. The closed assets declaration is laughable as an anti-corruption device.

Exposure of wrongdoing for its sake or for profit making will yield little. Neither roots out corruption when the institutions charged with that responsibility are weak and malleable.

The judicial corruption campaign is a digression, masking the massive executive corruption in chopping every state revenue collected, including and even loans. As happens always with the current style of governance, the executive is now the fount of corruption spreading it across the system.

Until we have an Akufo-Addo operating Buhari style, we would continue to be jokers in fighting corruption. There isn’t much in mere exposure. We need an overarching and permeating anti-corruption fight spearheaded by an Akufo-Addo incorruptibility. Ineffective little, little exposure storytelling what’s already known helps little.

Mo ny? Martin Amidu br? br? (Softly, softly on Martin Amidu).

If there are any true patriots fighting corruption, his name will be there; and he does it pro bono. Let’s support and not vilify him. Without him, GH¢51 million, illegally paid by the congress thieving crooks, creators, looters and sharers of stolen motherland money would be gone untraceably.

Brother Alamisi, you and I live on the principle of suffer no congress thievery; and if that is infantile, so be it.

Let the anti-corruption fight continue relentlessly. The vindication will come sooner than later. You and I are child innocent childlike and therefore cannot shoot ourselves in the foot for condemning fighting corruption with corruption. It is corruption to use state resources to pay private organisations bypassing state institutions with staff paid from same state resources.

Relax over another northerner president. I know you spoke what is on the mind of many compatriots. Worry not, though. There is already Northern Star brilliant Bawumia under the tutelage of honest Akufo-Addo. So fear not. All it will take will be to vote for the pair in 2016 and all that is the jinx, the tag of failed in dishonesty northern presidency shall be wiped away by a 2021 and beyond Bawumia presidency performance. Limann was not corrupt.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh