Atta Mills buy E.O.'s stake NOW or ...

Mon, 18 Apr 2011 Source: Transient Justice

Atta Mills buy E.O.'s stake NOW or you are CORRUPT

It just came to my attention that the EO group which holds a 1.75 stake in Ghana's oil is putting their shares on the market because, they cannot pay the necessary costs that come with owning a stake in the oil. This does not necessarily shock me since they were never oil men to begin with and may have acquired their share through dubious means. What shocks me is the fact that there has been no talk of buying it by the Mills government.

Since coming to power Atta-Mills administration have been looking to buy more into our oil in order to increase the benefits for the nation. This has generally won him fans among the Ghanaian people who have viewed him as a man of integrity who wants to see Ghana reach levels which we could not have dreamed of even 5 years ago. Thus, I am dismayed that with an opportunity to buy into our own oil the Gov. is not making a move and is instead allowing the companies who already have large stakes in the oil to bid amongst themselves. What is taking Atta Mills so long to claim a bigger percentage of the oil? Is he too distracted by the events going on around him(Local politics, international politics etc etc) and thus letting this opportunity slip from under his nose or, is he corrupt?

I admit that things have been hard on Atta Mills recently, Rawlings has turned on him and his wife Konadu is looking to run her own election which could very well pose a formidable challenge to Mills pursuit of a second term. Internationally, the French have led an illegal operation along with the "unarmed" Quattara rebels to remove Gbagbo and atrocities are occurring right next to us as revenge attacks are happening there and the massacre of Civilians by the forces of Ouattara occurs with impunity. This has created a refugee crises which has been on Atta Mills plate. In Libya over 16,000 Ghanaians have had to be evacuated as the west is currently bombing civilians to protect civilians(the irony is comical... I know!!!) and a stalemate there has left the future of that country in a state of uncertainty. I empathize and sympathize with Atta Mills because, he has a lot on his plate but, the E.O. stake must be his number 1 priority.

If he cannot get it he risks looking like a hypocrite and missing out on a big opportunity. After failing to impress with regard to the Gas that comes along with the oil and the fact that we are not utilizing or processing it right now this would be his second major failure of this administration with regard to the oil industry. It may mean little to him now but, history will not forgive him when written objectively if he does not act now and buy any aspect of our "heritage" that is on the market. Thus, I am asking Dr. Mills to make his move now and save his dignity. Buy the oil stake form E.O. President Atta-Mills.

Penname: Transient Justice

Columnist: Transient Justice