Blood Letting In Ghana Politics

Thu, 17 Jul 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The NLM / NLC Era VrsThe AFRC / PNDC Eras.

Whenever the June 4 Anniversary is being celebrated every year, you always find a group of crime sympathizers condemning its celebration.

This group of Ghanaians arealways jumping from one radio station to another preaching Human Rights and sympathizing with the executed Generals and other Senior Military Officers in 1979.

80% of Ghana’s population is dominated by the Youth and what they (NPP)democrats and their vicious Christian Politicians refuse to tell the youth in Ghana concerning blood letting in Ghana politics by the National Liberation Movement with ‘’Mate – meho’’ as its local name between 1951-1956 because they fear the truth. They don’t want to tell the youth that blood letting in Ghana Politics was started in Kumasi and Kyebi by the NLM tribal grouping which the NPP represent today 2014. They don’t want to tell the youth that the NLM/NPP killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in their political fight with the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah from 1951-1956 and threw several bombs and grenades constantly against Dr. Nkrumah who led the country to Independence in 1957 and after 1957. They (NLM/NPP) don’t want to tell the youth that the NPP is the Originator of Political Violence, Political Intolerance and Tribal Politics in Ghana since 1951 to date 2014. Therefore, both the June 4 and 31st December Revolutions were a child’s play as the NLM/NPP killed thousands of innocent Ghanaians than the two Revolutions.

They still don’t want to tell the youth that they NLM/NPP continued organizing their numerous bombs out rages and several failed coup attempts in 1958, a year after Ghana’s Independence and they continued destroying lives and properties until the NLM was renamed the United Party led by Dr. K.A. Busia who together with the late Dr. J.B. Danquah a former C.I.A. Agent were assisted by the C.I.A through the Ghana Army where Brigadier Afrifa, General Kotoka and the then I.G.P collected 13 million dollars to organized Ghana’s first violent coup de’tat on 24th February, 1966. Dr. J.B. Danquah died at KorleBu Hospital in 1962.

General Bawah was shot at point blank range when he refused to join Ghana’s red eyed Military Traitors who staged that SELFISH INTEREST coup and promoted themselves above 3 ranks in the Ghana Armed Forces. They don’t want to tell the Youth that the NLM which was renamed the United Party in 1956 killed thousands of innocent men, women and children during their infamous Ethnic cleansing on a Narrow Tribal Front in Kumasi and Kyebi led by Dr. K.A Busia in Kumasi and Dr. J.B. Danquah at Kyebi.

Posterity will not forgive our Political Scientists in the Universities who re-write Ghana’s history by misleading the innocent students. Let me reminded the violent prone NPP and its friends of God that Truth is like A Cork and no matter how hard you push it inside the water, it will pop up.

Let me again remind their bias media houses led by Kofi Coomson’s ‘’Ghanaian Chronicle’’ and Gina Blay’s ‘’Daily Guide’’ that guides fat lies that Truth is an indispensable quality of life and it will stand the test of time and posterity will never forgive them for constantly misleading the Youth in Ghana through the publication of fake stories in order to please their political pay masters.

These thousands of innocent men, women and children slaughtered by the NLM between 1951 – 1956 can never, be compared with the few military officers and the three former Heads of State who faced the firing squad on June 16th 1979.

Again, those thousands of CPP supporters and soldiers who resisted the traitors’ coup on 24th February, 1966 and were all wiped out with machine gun fire by Afrifa and Kotoka’s troops on that day can also never, never be compared with the few executed military officers on June 16th 1979. Comrades Magnus George, Maclean Kounche and MO. Kwatia were tortured to death in 1966.

These are all FACTS and some people or somebody must prove me wrong and we all see. All the Big Time Politicians leading the Asante / Akyem NPP knows that what I have said are all true. Their hirelings in the media are also aware of these facts but all they are doing is to incite GUTA members to close their stores, and engineer more demonstrations in order to make President Mahama’s government unpopular, but they lie bad, whether it is Nana AkuffoAddo or Alan Kyeremanteng, PrezMahama will walk to and from the Flag staff House until 2021 when he will hand over to another NDC Presidential candidate – you mark my words.


Therefore, the AFRC Military Junta with Jerry Rawlings as its Chairman was a Volcanic Eruption. If you bury the truth with malice it will germinate with violence and that was June 4 for you.

Infact it was a violent Uprising that restored the moral fibre of Ghanaians and also encouraged Patriotism and Honesty. The June Four Uprising ensured that the once prosperous West African State regained its influential role in Regional Affairs – so what at all are some people talking about in this country? Are they telling lies, deceiving the youth, throwing dust into their eyes and trying to re-write Ghana’s history and publish fake history books and abuse the minds of students from the J.HS, SHS, Polytecnits, Training Colleges and the Universities so that they come out from school without any knowledge at all about Ghana’s history?

I have thrown a Big Challenge to the violent prone NPP and its Political Science Lecturers in the various Universities to prove this writer wrong and I will send all of them to the cleaners because the late Professor Adu Boahen wrote a history book on Ghana without the role of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who led the country to independence in 1957.

Is anybody listening? I am done? ‘’JaanbieIwaii’’ Aluta Continua!







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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement