Boakye Djan and Others Have Restaged the Curse of Frankenstein

Mon, 10 Jan 2011 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Major (rtd) Boakye Djan and Others Have Restaged the Curse of Frankenstein

Whether it was by fate, by choice or by accident, on 4th June 1969, whiles Ghanaian plebiscite were bracing themselves for a major Parliamentary and Presidential election, this BA-born [unfortunately my own tribesman] cursed by his own fate that brought him into being, led a group of grex venaluim troops to commit one of the most heinous mutinies that did not only curl but made the hairs of reasonable thinking Ghanaians stand on end. My spiritless tribesman, the biggest ever disgrace to Brongs, whether out of some inferiority complex, tactical fear of future repercussion as a picaroon or out of sheer nolo episcopari, Kwadwo Boakye Djan assessed and found himself un-deserving of the highest office of the land; instead, he ceded for his gyato-friend and opted for the lower backbench role of ‘Okyeame’. Why? Only God knows why but in my opinion, these dastards knew John Rawlings as an unprincipled and undisciplined impudent laeotropic wrong-headed communist-thinking rebel of griffe extraction. Ever since this major set-back in Ghana’s about to begin true democratic dispensation in1979, aimed at salvaging what had been lost for years and the planting a sort of “Frankenstein” image whom the few faex populi in Ghana, out of thoughtless adventure hailed as junior Jesus intervention to save Ghana out of sheer ignorance, Ghana’s socio-economic progress has been in a state of stasis and citizens’ freedom, liberty and security have been under siege. Boakye Djan, according to his associates and peers who know him well assess him as a very intelligent person just like one of his brothers who was my mate at secondary school, yet it is worth asking what he has profited out of his knowledge and scholarship. My tribesman has phenomenal book knowledge as a promising scholar but unfortunately when it comes to practical thinking and common sense, from his utterances and analysis, he gets everything wrong. In relating the rubric of my script to my maudlin tribesman’s hand-made creature, for the benefit of those who do not know what Frankenstein is to appreciate my thought here is a brief insight into the plot of Mary Shelley’s novel in which English-born actor Sir Christopher Lee acted as the monster in the epic horror film with the title “The Curse of Frankenstein”.

Victor Frankenstein and Paul Krempe are great friends who use scientific experiments to successfully bring back a dead dog to life. Following this success, Victor suggests a further experiment to create a human life from scratch but Krempe withdraws from the use of human body parts. Unassisted, Victor Frankenstein creates his own creature from a corpse found dangling on a gallows with other relevant parts bought from workers in a charnel house. Victor Frankenstein strangles a distinguished professor to death for his brain to be inserted in his creature but the brain gets damaged in the course of the scuffle that killed his victim. Unknown to Frankenstein that his composite redivivus human creature is brain damaged, it becomes an uncontrollable violent psychotic monster that turns against Frankenstein’ life as he flees from the monster however it kills his loved ones and several others before it is demolished. With this background information, readers can adequately assess who Boakye Djan is and the role he has played with Akatapore, Baah Achamfuor, Sarkodie, Abongo, Atiemo, Mensah Gbedemah and others in bringing peace in democracy in Ghana to its knees. These are true Ghanaians with acquired knowledge and talent through their training as soldiers with tax payers’ money; these are supposed loyalists turned rebels who swore on oath to guard Ghanaians against foreign aggression. Against their vows, these traitor-guard assassins have brought in a foreign invader in the form of a ‘Frankenstein’ monster in the image of Jerry John Rawlings. Sired by a Lebanese non-starter illegal immigrant and a Togolese migrant who was spared the misery of nullipara for the grace of nature to be semelparous, Rawlings acquired his Ghanaian nationality through very dubious means that enabled him to be enlisted into the Ghana Air Force including his acceptance to contest for Presidency. Having accomplished the creation of their ‘Frankenstein’ monster and ordered him to carry out the most callous dastard executions that saw most of Ghana’s dedicated Generals lined-up and slaughtered in cold blood to the awe of Ghanaians and the world, these dastard villains fled Ghana to watch their havoc caused from afar with Boakye Djan & co. having pocketed almost £100,000 each as honoraria, a fee John Rawlings needed most as a broke-man yet refused to accept because he knew what he was about to do next.

Twenty seven months later, the lawless mishallowed monster, a creature of Kwadwo Boakye Djan and his complices struck again, this time attacking and ousting a mandated regime for whose sake they risked their lives to put in place. Under his strait jacket stratocratic regime, locked in appeasement behaviour like an affrighted dog, none of these so-called gallant men ever dared approaching their monstrous creature as he later yelled for their blood by reason of showing metanoia for what they had initiated in Ghana as he held all of Ghana’s institutions under siege by murdering three judges in a row imprimis just to keep law and order at bay. John Rawlings bestrides Ghana like a colossal griffin with a club in hand, ready to strike at any other President if it is not himself. Rawlings accuses every regime of venality yet this holier than thou Pecksniffian has led one of the most corrupt regimes in memory. John Rawlings who does not appear to appreciate his flatness and lack of scholarship stone-facedly summons Ghana’s Generals around him and delivers an allocution like a phrontistery a la Christ in The Sermon on the Mount. After-all we all saw his usual attitude striking pretentious performance at an auditorium in Oxford University in 2009 before young law students who out of discipline and courtesy could not drown him out as would be elsewhere but registered their displeasure with grimaces whiles others sneaked out. John Rawlings bemoans about poverty and even claims to be homeless yet this hypocrite owns all sorts of landed property plus a prestigious lacustrine home, only accessible by boat, yet he identifies himself with the destitute who out of ignorance of who he really is, give him their backing to be who he is in Ghana.

This two times coup maker thingummy who was born on the wrong side of the blanket has the guts and audacity to celebrate treason because he neither has any value for the ordinary infuscate-hued Ghanaian nor does he respect Ghanaian institutions. He looks down on us because he is a product of miscegenation. It is simply undecipherable why Ghanaians should sit and watch such a villain laugh to scorn the dignity of our fatherland un-protested; we can do this not with violence, the only language he crudely understands for his larrikins to stand up to, but in a refined and civilised way.

I have reason to blame Boakye Djan, Baah Achamfuor, Mensah Gbedemah etc, yet human as they are they are as equally fallible as I am; hence much as Adam was eluded the Biblical Protevangelium of Genesis 3:15, hardly could they have taken their hand-made monster for apple of Sodom; hardly would these unfortunate sinful from birth mortal souls be mindful of the imminent enmity that was bound to come and exist between them and their composite monster. All said and done, Boakye Djan has suffered most whiles his complotters have become vagrant migrants. These are the treacherous murderers who have murdered peaceful democracy and rule of law in Ghana, by substituting it with stratocratic lawless mob-rule that apparently ruffles and unleashes man’s animality. For this reason, Boakye Djan and co., peace, ye will never find. Ghana today is overcast and rife with lawlessness copied from Rawlings’ undisciplined conduct, the monster you composed for Ghanaians because the faex populi of Ghanaian society take the monster for their role model and icon. Down memory lane, two years into Dr Limman’s administration, John Rawlings held a press conference as a precursor to his notorious 31st December berserk treasonous mutiny called a revolution. Two years into John Mills’ administration, John Rawlings has unlawfully held a meeting with the Generals of Ghana Armed Forces, an ultra vires conduct inapt of functus officio President. John Rawlings flouts the decision of the highest court of Ghana and celebrates treason in a public place with impunity. John Rawlings sets his property in which he has squatted for years ablaze for whatever reason, yet simply because it is a matter to do with this Griffin and his family in such a criminal unexplained circumstances, the legal doctrine of res ipsa loquitor, a doctrine which enjoins Rawlings and his household to prove they are not culpable of this heinous arson is alien to the Attorney General’s law books so cannot be applied. Haunted by his deeds, maniac Rawlings’ brutum fulmen do not only expose his frustration and fear as a hilding, his latrations like a mad dog are indicative of innocent blood on his hands. These fears call for a repeat of the same statement he has always made since Adam that only sound appealing to the few equally mishallowed but incredulous in the ears of the reasonable majority. If John Rawlings cannot deliver amende honourable statement but will keep on taunting as if his mind tells him he is on the side of the angels whiles a in fact a villain, let analphabetic Anita and co brag and laud him on Asempa FM about celebrating 31st December each year in breach of what they ought to obey. Keep on hiding your head in the sun and pretend as if the sun is not shining. Do whatever you can do because you think you can do it with impunity under a weak government that has weakened all our institutions for you to strike an attitude of your choice against all odds, for the blood of your homophobic regime’s hecatomb will stain your mishallowed hands and haunt you daily. It is all the fault of one man and his accomplices, most of them now at large for your sake. Tantum ad civitatis Ghanaensis Kwadwo Boakye Djan et aliae suadere malorum potuint (such is the level of harm into which Boakye Djan and others have dragged the people of Ghana) One day, with stronger institutions in place in good governance, Ghana will smile not briefly but a broad longer smile.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, LLB; MPhil (London) London UK

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa