Boakye-Djan’s apartheid spying controversy

Boakye Djan Major Boakye-Djan

Mon, 22 Jun 2020 Source: Dela Coffie

It is funny the way Major Boakye-Djan (Rtd) has been acting out for attention like typical naughty kids lately. It is even funnier to see him stirring up fake drama to distract from the fact that his crooked past is catching up with him.

Let the record show that while Boakye-Djan is a smooth talker,

he isn’t who he claims he is. Research has shown that his so-called achievements as a military officer as well as a member of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council(AFRC) is darker than black.

The antecedent reason that underlies my scathing indictment of Boakye-Djan is not personal. Instead, it stems from a critical and objective assessment of his professional skills, and supported by an investigative finding which was initiated by the post-apartheid regime in South Africa.

As a matter of fact, there is irrefutable supporting documentation showing that Boakye-Djan has been living well off career political whoring – The irrefutable verdict is that he actually worked as a Spy for the Apartheid regime in the 1980s.

It is a hard truth. I have heard him once attempt to handwave this incontrovertible fact away, and it was a very nauseating experience. The weeping, the belligerence, the evasion, and the self-pity reminded me of the characteristics of an alcoholic in denial.

On May 28, 2003, a publication in a South African newspaper- THE STAR, headlined “Comrades who wore two masks” authored by one Patrick Laurence reported that Major Boakye-Djan (Rtd) recruited the late chief African National Congress(ANC) representative in London in the 1980s and member of the Directorate of the ANC’s Security Department, Solly Smith, alias Samuel Khanyile, as an intelligence officer for the then South African Department of Military Intelligence (DMI).

According to the publication, ANC party spokesperson, Ronnie Mamoepa, in the early 1990s publicly admitted knowledge of the recruitment of Solly Smith by Boakye-Djan.

Indeed, Boakye-Djan’s name also came up in the publication as having ensnared the late Francis Meli, the then editor of Sechaba, an ANC journal for the same DMI.

The “STAR” report mentioned that the information on Boakye-Djan’s connection with the DMI is contained in 25 sensitive documents handed over to ex-South African president Nelson Mandela by the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission that probed human rights abuses between 1960 and 1994.

Long before these revelations made it to the front pages of South African media, the British tabloid in the late 1980s made mincemeat of Boakye-Djan and his involvement with the DMI, labeling him as Spy and being on the payroll of the South African intelligence agency.

As a matter of fact, this story, was widely circulated to members of the diplomatic corps in Ghana by one John Prempeh in the late 1990s.

The hard facts in the story written by Patrick Lawrence do not explain the timelines within which Boakye-Djan operated. But the inference that he was DMI asset, after so much investments in him speaks volumes.

Whichever way you look at it, these revelations are very damning. It is damning because this is not the first time Boakye-Djan has been involved in such a nation-wrecking enterprise. He exhibited the same treacherous tendencies during the AFRC era and actually sold out his colleagues in the name of scholarship.

Boakye-Djan is so malleable, and it makes it easy for the puppet master to use him. They correctly identified him as the most unprincipled and likely to roll over and do their bidding however extreme. Any wonder he allowed himself to be used as a Spy on even Rawlings by the Liman regime?

The truth of the matter is that the DMI does not go about pointing out who their agents are. Thus when there is a fortuitous and concrete proof of Boakye-Djan’s connection with them, Ghanaians have every right to interrogate it, and ask legitimate questions.

We shall have another occasion to interrogate Boakye-Djan’s character defects. For now, it suffices just to ask the question whether it is okay to consider a man who is a known DMI asset as worthy enough to pass judgement on pillars of society?

What moral character do traitors have if I may ask with veiled condescension? Do such characters have any sense of right from wrong? Are there other profound espionage and national security concerns squirreled away in the vault under the guise of the protection of the state when it was actually political self-interest to place them there?

I cannot state this emphatically enough: in the name of true justice, wouldn’t it make sense to demand for at least the declassified transcripts of Boakye-Djan’s Spy work for the Apartheid regime? Wouldn’t that erase at least the vast majority of questions lingering around?

In my judgement, Boakye-Djan’s links with the Apartheid regime is a clear and present danger to our nation. It is about time some of these matters are revisited and offenders severely punished to stop them from recidivating.

I believe that the application of denunciatory justice is necessary to preserving the nation’s social order. To leave a beast to feed on a prey, when the law forbids such an act, is a travesty of natural justice.

The threat to the Ghanaian state, among other things, is not any foreign insurrection, but the breeding of characters like Boakye-Djan. This is the same guy who has been prancing around with his hideously ignorant and misinformed histrionics that he rescued Rawlings from the “Special Branch” in the morning of June 4, 1979.

Boakye-Djan has lived this lie for well over two decades until recently when Rawlings straightened the records. Indeed, Boakye Gyan was nowhere near the “Special Branch Rescue Mission,” and played no such role he has falsely arrogated to himself over the years – He was actually fished-out of his girlfriend’s quarters by a detachment after the coup, and he has Chairman Rawlings to thank for making him a member of the AFRC.

That’s the truth.

Boakye-Djan is simply crafty for all the wrong reasons, and never a patriot. Anyone with capacity for inductive reasoning knows about his criminal deception” and “posturing.” He makes Mobutu Sese Seko’s unscrupulousness nothing but a minor scratch in politics.

While history is replete with greedy and craven political actors who tried to expand their influence by being an assets to foreign Spy Agencies, none has taken their gluttonous self indulgence to dizzy heights on so many fronts at the same time as Boakye-Djan has done.

Such a person with deep scars on the black race deserves no place in our history neither should he be given prominence amongst patriots.

I am fully aware that a well documented ‘Apartheid Spy’, and very disingenuous political actors like Boakye-Djan have the uncanny ability to cut wind and make the stench appear to be coming out from the pants of others, but how many times are we going to allow ourselves to be victimized by the unbridled folly and dishonesty of such elements?

Boakye-Djan should be ashamed, but one needs a conscience to feel ashamed for their insincerity and this guy seem to have handed in his conscience a long time ago.

I shall be back.

Columnist: Dela Coffie