Bravo! Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings

Sun, 14 Oct 2012 Source: Ansah, Owusu Koduah

Sunday October 13, 2012 will go into the history books as the day the political glass ceiling in our dear country Ghana was shattered, and this was done by no mean person than the former first lady, Mrs. Rawlings. Whether we are pissed off or not, the door has been opened for all Ghanaian women of integrity who are capable of steering the affairs of this country. This was so emotional that I could not be more proud of my country. My enthusiasm and happiness were beyond measure. There is no lady in Ghana who has withstood incessant attacks from both political friends and foes like this woman, yet mature as she is, she has always kept her cool and had never ever used retaliatory words against her opponents. I recollect that during the 2000 season electioneering campaign, she wrote and op-ed in the Daily Graphic to criticize former President Kufuor on his inability to properly manage his brick factory business in Accra. She then alluded that Mr. Kufuor could not handle the affairs of the country. This was the farthest that she went, and I believe this was a fair political comment. All that we knew about this affable woman were brought into public domain by NDC top brass now called babies with sharp teeth and greedy bastards. Yes, Yes, these guys are and have always been greedy and their lifestyles and actions attest to this. All that they did was to lie about other people (opponents) to the former first family. Their plan was to hatch both political and financial equalization schemes to the former president, and he would come out and boom to Ghanaians by criticizing their targets in opposition. The dust has settled and Mr. Rawlings has really seen who the charlatans are in Ghana. The Ananse story is over and he has realized that all these hangers-on were, and are bedbugs or blood sucking vampires. Their modus operandi was to use the former president and later dump him but I bet you Mr. Rawlings is so smart that these hangers-on have met their match.

I will not vouch that Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings are clean and above reproach and no man on this planet has ever been, but one virtue has run through the former president’s life and this is his abhorrence to social injustice through cheating. His wife has imbibed this virtue and fights for it every day. Let me state here that I never liked the Rawlingses because I felt they had usurped constitutional rule in our country and also felt that they were in power to amass wealth. After carefully analyzing their speeches over a decade and following their movements since year 2000 I have come to a conclusion that they are not the devils people want us to believe. We all know that the family had been deceived and used by these greedy bastards. To rise up again and become refocused is what makes this family special. They call a spade a spade whether or not the offender is in their party, and this is what we have to cultivate as Ghanaians. Over these 10 years, self-proclaimed friends and sympathizers who kicked against late Dr. Mills’s coronation as president have abandoned Nana for financial perks and we know them all. For Mrs. Rawlings, TRUTH, INTEGRITY AND PRINCIPLE have been her catch-words and she will rise to the top, MARK MY WORDS

If there is any one person in Ghana, who is more competent and have understudied the political currents in our body politic and affable, it is Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. She has been a student leader at Queens Hall, KNUST and knows all the nooks and crannies of our dear country. Few people rise up to the challenge of leading countries selflessly and I bet on my last cent that she will serve with passion and dignity. Nana, I AM PROUD OF YOU. You run at where men fear to tread and you are OBAA SIMA. My daughters are looking up to you and have a wonderful run. Go, go, go and never capitulate.

Ansah, Owusu Koduah

Denver, Colorado

Columnist: Ansah, Owusu Koduah