Buah’s signature affair

Wed, 28 May 2014 Source: Yawose, John

; Charles Andoh is a hoax

· All seemed well when Miura Petroleum an international oil exploration firm laid claim to a piece of oil rich area, (oil block) -off shore of the south of Cape Three Points in the Western Region.

· Miura Petroleum in full operation sold off majority stake of the acquired oil block to its parent Canadian Company - Gondwana Oil Corporation for millions of dollars. There has been a publication written by the Canadian company to its shareholders which alluded to the fact that Ghanas’s energy ministry had agreed to a deal that will allow its subsidiary to negotiate exclusively over the oil rich block.

· Later, it was found out that the acquisition was illegal and that the Energy Minister Emmanuel Armah-Buah was the personality behind the acquisition after all and that the Miura Petroleum documents bore his signatures.

· Then later reports said a director or staff of Miura Petroleum, a Charles Andoh popularly called Arafat has been arrested by the Ghana Police for rather forging signature of Energy Minister, in documents used by Miura which technically meant Miura acquisition of the oil block was vitiated with fraud.

· The legal team of .Miura then issued a statement that no director or staff of the company has been so arrested in connection with the case of forgery of signature in its acquisitions and that Muira Petroleum or its directors and the company have not indulged in any out of the norm business practice. Miura is of course doing its business as usual..

· Meanwhile the accused Charles Andoh was charged to court for signature-forgery and given bail on 17th April 2014. In court, Charles Andoh accepted responsibility for the forged signatures of the Energy Minister in the relevant documents.

· Dramatically, the accused Charles Andoh was given bail with the condition to report to the police daily, which he never did even once.

· Two sureties for Charles Andoh, Tonya Abela and one other have been ordered by the court after application by Inspector William Nyadikor to compel the court to produce accused person to do so to the court by 28th May 2014

· Insiders know, all the dramatic happenings are geared towards a gargantuan cover –up by the NDC administration.

· The truth is that. everything is going according to plan in a cover –up of the big hands, namely Mahama/ Buah/NDC goons thus:

· The Energy Minister’s signature was genuinely used in the transaction to get the Oil block acquired for Mahama/Buah/NDC with Muira Petroleum as a front.

· The dastardly scheme has backfired and one Charles Andoh is being used as a front to hood wink the people of Ghana in a wicked Plan B.

· The police relaxed the bail conditions and Charles Andoh escaped— clearly, it was a repeat of the infamous 1982 Amartey Quaye game played by the wicked PNDC the antecedents of the insensitive NDC whereby Amartey Quaye a darling of the then PNDC was to be executed but then did a dramatic last minute bolt-off from jail to escape justice. Amartey Quaye was paid off heftily to keep him quite forever in exile. He hasn’t been heard of since 1982.

· Similarly, Charles Andoh has been paid huge amount in dollars to allow himself to be used. In the devious venture, to divert attention, whilst he enjoys his last days in riches in exile.

· Miura Petroleum and Gondwana Oil Corporation are a front for NDC goons.

· The oil block future proceeds are into NDC accounts-

· Charles Andoh’s permanent interest in the devilish deal is assured.

· Unsuspecting Ghana public will soon watch helplessly, the court irrelevant pronouncements on Charles Andoh in absentia.

· How Emmanuel Buah still holds his position as Minister of Energy in these criminally bizarre circumstances is a mystery.

· How clever, Mahama; how clever, Emmanuel Buah; how clever NDC.

· Tell them, Ghanaians know Charles Andoh is a hoax.

Columnist: Yawose, John