Busia - Danquah Dishonourable History

Fri, 14 Dec 2012 Source: Fiifi, Van

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians often fraudulently claim to have titles,

entitlements or affiliations which are ambiguous, misleading, or bogus.

Danquah - Busia NPP sociopathic politicians use deceit and manipulation throughout

their lives.

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians hold deep prejudices against other cultures beliefs

and are unvaryingly unimaginative.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians mindset breed the sort of selfishness that is

inherent in their sociopath lives.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians struggling to promote terrorism, violence, hatred

and bigotry.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians are constantly imposing on others a false reality

made up of distortion and fabrication.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians naturally inherited the willingness to kill from

from their terrorist founders Busia and Danquah

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians are mean-spirited, officious, and often unbelievably


Danquah - Busia NPP politicians history shows a process accumulation of every kind

of brutality and wickedness.

Busia – Danquah NPP sociopathic politicians are cancer to any political system and

unfortunately the nature of the beast breeds such an individual.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians will often be in constant conflict with individuals

in their lives, and will often have run-ins with the law.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians are often pathological liars who use their vuvuzela

mouths to manipulate people, situations, and the legal system.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians conflicts with the authority and the law is often

begin at their early age.

It is sad that Busia – Danquah NPP sociopaths of all things become public officials.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians perfected their inherited wicked traits with deceit,

incitement, violence, terror and murder.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians have done many things with absolute cruelty and


Danquah - Busia NPP politicians use a reign of terror to eliminate free thinkers.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians always display a seemingly limitless demonic energy

especially when engaged in attention-seeking activities or evasion of


Danquah - Busia NPP politicians distorted view of reality often make them

irresponsible and unreliable.

Danquah - Busia NPP politicians irresponsibity and unleiability lead them to poor

job performance, poor educational performance, and a poor standing with family.

Busia – Danquah NPP through deceit, ACO, incitement, Bombing and mass robbing of

Ghana wealth, and looted government lands and bungalows.

Busia – Danquah NPP achieve their desired goals by being sullen and creepy.

Busia – Danquah NPP are always the takers and never the givers.

Ashantis and Akyems in the Busia – Danquah NPP not only have a grandiose sense of

self, but also have a distorted view of reality.

Ashantis and Akyems in the Busia – Danquah NPP are self-opinionated and display

arrogance, audacity, a crude superior sense of entitlement and sense of

invulnerability and untouchability.

Ashantis and Akyems in the Busia – Danquah NPP propaganda is an attempt to

infiltrate, penetrate and subvert the liberties of our peace loving Ghana society .

Ashantis and Akyems in the Busia – Danquah NPP poison some Akan's minds by

manipulating their perceptions.

Busia – Danquah NPP are arrogant, haughty, high-handed, and a know-all.

Busia – Danquah NPP are greedy bastards, selfish, cockroaches, a parasites and an

emotional vampires.

Busia – Danquah NPP ultimate aim is to establish ''mate mehu'' rule in Ghana.

To the Busia – Danquah NPP, everything that promotes their evil goal is moral, legal

and justified.

Busia – Danquah NPP don't hesitate to use illegal methods to acquire wealth.

Busia – Danquah NPP systematic use of terror, violence, and intimidation to achieve

an end.

Busia – Danquah NPP are troublers who interrupt and interfere with peace and quiet,

they are people who can easily cause disorder and commotion.

Busia – Danquah NPP are people with a corrupting influence.

Busia – Danquah NPP are spiritually dead although they may loudly profess some

religious belief or affiliation.

Busia – Danquah NPP are always angry and impulsive when it comes to their behaviour,

lash out at others, and have no sense of personal boundaries.

Busia – Danquah NPP are glib, shallow and superficial with plenty of fine words and

lots of form but there's no substance.

Busia – Danquah NPP are people whose savagery have become their character and nature.

Busia – Danquah NPP are emotionally immature and emotionally untrustworthy.

Busia – Danquah NPP are pure evil, bastards and savages.

Busia – Danquah NPP are vile, vicious and vindictive in private.

Busia – Danquah NPP have no empathy for the feelings of others, and feel no remorse

for their attacks and poor behaviour decisions.

Busia – Danquah NPP are practised liars and when called to account, will make up

anything spontaneously to fit their needs at that moment.

Busia – Danquah NPP in NPP excel at deception and should never be underestimated in

their capacity to deceive.

To Busia – Danquah NPP, good works will be rewarded (and punishment for evil) both

in life and after death.

Can Busia – Danquah NPP have a reformation? Anyone that attempts to reform Busia –

Danquah NPP usually ends up dead or in hiding.

Busia – Danquah NPP have the ability to choose good from evil, but they chose evil.

I'm sure the militant fools are screaming at this point.

All these Busia – Danquah NPP behaviour allow them to go on and do things that seem

unimaginable to most of us.

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians are bullheaded individuals.

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians are very difficult to treat or deal with.

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians are difficult to manage or mould, unwilling to be

taught or led or supervised or directed.

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians do not obey or comply with commands of those in


Busia – Danquah NPP politicians are stubborn infection.

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians have ridiculous a crazy dreams and silly notions

Busia – Danquah NPP politicians are traitors always showing lack of love for their


Busia – Danquah NPP politicians are wayward, wilfully and often perversely depart

from what is desired, advised, expected, or required.

Busia – Danquah NPP are headstrong, 'obstinately bent on having their own way'

Ghana greatest uncontrolled health problem is Busia – Danquah NPP "uncontrolled


Van Fiifi KATH

Columnist: Fiifi, Van