Busy bee

Fri, 29 Jun 2012 Source: Nsiah, Sharon

Busy bee

That’s what you are

Always trying to invest your time

Even on weekends and public days

You are always out of reach

Your beloved girlfriend’s been complaining

All the time

She says you put your work first

Before her

Your family members are always

Looking out for you during family gatherings

Because you are never around

Oh busy bee!

Is that the legacy you want to leave?

Do you want to be a workaholic all your life?

Or it’s that you are so committed to your work

All your friends are complaining

They grumble whenever

You don’t show up at their parties

They feel you’ve neglected them

But I know you haven’t

I know that deep down

You are just caught up with

Doing what you like doing best

I don’t really blame you

Cos you are working

With so much passion

Keep on keeping on

Keep on growing strong

Keep on keeping busy

Busy bee

Cos you make the world

A better place......

By Sharon Nsiah

Columnist: Nsiah, Sharon