CHRAJ exposes NPP Parliamentary Candidate

Sun, 23 Sep 2012 Source: Bawa, Abdul Razak

for Tolon Constituency for Corruption.

In a complaint dated March 20, 2012, some youth members of the NPP in Tolon, after intercepting a memo of the NDC in which the NDC hinted of pursuing a criminal act of the NPP candidate once he files for the elections. have taken Wahab to CHRAJ

In a complaint dated March 20, 2012, the complainants alleged among other things that Mr Wahab Suhuyini, while a District Chief Executive and receiving salary for his position, continued to take salary at the Ghana Education Service.

Mr Wahab Suhiyini who is a Teacher at the Choggu Demonstration Junior High School was the DCE for Tolon – Kumbugu District from August 2005 to February 2009. Before his appointment as DCE, he was a teacher at the Bagabaga Junior High School in Tamale.

During CHRAH investigation into the case, Mr Wahab Suhiyini admitted taking double salary but indicated that he paid back to the Government chest the amount he collected after winning his party’s parliamentary primaries, with money provided by some big men of the NPP.

CHRAJ has since August this year referred the matter to the regional commander of the Ghana Police service for action to be taken

It should be noted that the youth took this action after the regional and national executive totally ignored the several petitions asking the executives to investigate the issue,

The regional secretary Dr. Braimah is on record telling the constituency executive that, this was not a serious crime in Ghana and that it does not warrant any action from the regional and national executives.

This case could be potentially damaging for the NPP party, as they promise to fight corruption when voted into power. The irony is that, the same party has tried to cover up this corrupt act of Mr Wahab.

Attached is the letter CHRAJ sent to the Ghana Police Service on the case.

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Columnist: Bawa, Abdul Razak