CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: KKD’s son is gay - And so what’s your freaking problem, hypocrite!

Kkd Family KKD [middle] with his son, Darkwah Kyei Darkwa [right]

Fri, 3 Nov 2017 Source: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

My many years of promoting Human Rights, including LGBT Rights have led some dense Ghanaian gay hating individuals, prominent amongst them is the halfwit, Afia Schwarzenegger to say, the fact that I support gay rights means I am gay—as if, if I was gay, I wouldn’t have by now announced it myself.

I’ve always equated this silly assertion to this; if this logic holds, then the fact that a person supports women's right surely makes him a woman or worse, supports animal rights surely makes him an animal. But then, if anyone hates another for the mere choices he makes which do not in any way affect him, it’s highly probable such a person wouldn’t have well place thinking faculties to appreciate the value of logic or reasonable deductions.

The non-existence of any valid argument, including the absurd half-baked ones erected on the back of subjective morals and religious hypocrisy, does not stop Ghanaians from hating gays and making the life choices of these people a national headache, even if the gay person does not live within their jurisdiction.

Yesterday, Darkwah Kyei Darkwa, a London-based Ghanaian whose father is the infamous Ghanaian broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) made headlines because he granted an interview as far back as June, speaking about being gay and the difficulties he faced living under his parents roof when he realized he was gay at primary school level.

It’s reasonable this makes headlines for the fact that even though Darkwah Kyei Darkwa who’s now a fashion editor for Gay Times Magazine lived in civilized and cosmopolitan London with arguably well “educated” parents in a 21st century, the hypocrisy in his Ghanaian parents made life difficult for him, because of his sexual orientation.

But the conversations surrounding the news within the Ghanaian social media landscape has not been about this; it has mainly been about the usual—placing the young man as a hell going sinner, who’s disgusting and a waste of fine men who should not be accepted, simply because he’s gay.

When you are dealing with a population of hypocrites, no matter how many times you shoot an invalid, albeit, abhorrent argument down, it will also be repeated at another corner, by another idiot.

The sinner argument, mainly mounted with Biblical quotes to illustrate how God hates gays and as such they should not be tolerated in any society, perfectly captures the hypocrisy, perhaps insanity, of the religious zealots.

It’s true that the Bible lists homosexuality as a sin; equally, it catalogues “adultery, gossiping, hating, fornication, stealing, lust, envy, jealousy, drunkenness, materialism, wantonness, sensuality, gambling, revelings, attachment to riches or material goods, lawsuits against Christians, emulations, extortion, desire for money, desire for power, desire for sex (relating to sexual immorality), anger at other’s good fortunes, desiring things of others, flirting or playing with temptation, murder, anger, hate, enmity, rage, brawling, rioting, unforgiving heart, wrath, unmerciful, dissensions, contentions, clamor, despitefulness, debate, arguing, fighting, abortion, divisions, strife, rivalries, cursing, swearing, blaspheming, breaking oath taken in God’s name, irreverent use of God’s name in humor, speaking evil of the church, taking communion or the Lord’s Supper in a careless manner or unworthily, idolatry, greed, covetousness, love of money, gluttony” among others as sins.

The Ghanaian, the hallmark of hypocrisy indulges in almost all of the clearly listed sins, and yet, unendingly jabs, hates and judges’ gays who are sinners just as them, according to the Bible.

In fact, hating and judging others, including gays in itself is a Biblical sin—yet that’s what the Ghanaian does every day.

And then we have those who erroneously argue that homosexuality is alien to the African Culture, hence it should be accepted. Taking such people down the line of history will certainly breed futility because of the obvious ignorance.

In any case, if the acceptability of practices should be determined by their indigenousness to the African Culture, then how come Christianity or Islam has been overwhelmingly accepted?

Indeed, if two-facedness was not put in place for Ghanaians, then we surely have done a great job by making it the face of our daily dealings.

Let me blunt; it’s not your freaking business that KKD’s son is gay, you hypocrite! If he's a sinner, you are equally a sinner--so what's the big deal?

Columnist: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri