Cadres Deserves A Pat Not Ingratitude

Sat, 18 Dec 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

When a snake enters a room, it cause panic but when it finally comes out in the open after being sprayed with chemicals and is surrounded by many people, It Is EASILY KILLED. A revolution is launched to change the attitude and perception of people to wards society. It makes them AWARE of the ROLES they are to play in society for the UPLIFTMENT of HUMAN VALUES and for HUMAN PROGRESS. Was there REALLY a REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in Ghana? I leave the answer to well meaning Ghanaians. If you lie to a child, you have ABUSED the MINDS of MANY GENERATIONS to come.

Tell the children the TRUTH and it is the ONLY WAY TO SET THEM FREE. The administration of this country DID NOT want to CO-OPERATE with the revolution any governments of the AFRC in 1979 and the PNDC in December 1981 and yet the AFRC military junta was swift in dealing with corruption and thousands of DISHONEST businessmen and women rushed to pay their taxes in FULL and for the first time in Ghana’s History the National Coffers were full again. These categories of Ghanaians will NEVER praise June 4 or its leaders until they die. The June 4 UPRISING came FIRSTLY to PREVENT the OBSTRUCTION of the HISTORICAL FORCES that would DETERMING the course of SOCIAL CHANGE and SECONDLY to build a DURABLE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC STRUCTURE un-attached to FOREIGN POWERS.

These phases of the social change and developmental processes under the AFRC military junta passed through EXPERIENCE STRICTLY RELATED to the law of that POPULAR REVOLUTION in 1979. It was Prophet Mohammed who stated that. Whoever sees EVIL in society let him change it with his HANDS. If he can’t, he should SPEAK AGAINST IT, if he can’t speak against it, he should let it worry his heart but that is a SIGN OF WEAK FAITH. June 4 changed the EVILS in the Ghanaian society with its hands by using weapons because the situation at that time DEMANDED IT.

The one indisputable ANVIL upon which the 31st December Revolution was launched is PROGRESSIVE POLITICS with a pro-people agenda which ROPED IN 90% of the TRUE RADICAL NKRUMAHISTS including this writer and 10% of REASONABLE PATRIOTS from the Danquah / Busia tradition to prosecute a revolution with a human face in 1981.

In a rejoinder to the “Pioneer” in February 1992 from the District CDR secretariat in Obuasi I stated that, the erstwhile C.D.R’s was a MASS POLITICAL ORGANISATION in that article, and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when my good friend and Editor of the paper the late T. H. Ewusi Brookman of blessed memory took the then PNDC government on in its pages demanding a confirmation from the PNDC Chairman as to whether what I wrote was TRUE and there was NO RESPONSE from the PNDC government to the late FEARLESS “PIONEER” EDITOR.

In RE-ACTION, Mr. Brookman described the PNDC regime as dishonest amidst unprintable words. I was only invited to Accra and advised to desist from further writing on such political issues until the ban on party politics was lifted, I was also asked about the possibility of the PNDC forming a POLITICAL PARTY – I told them that it was the BEST THING TO DO and we shall organize the people to vote massively for Rawlings and it was done. When the NDC was formed in 1992, cadres were used as INSTRUMENTS for its formation and we identified opinion leaders. After the party was finally formed, cadres were advised to STAY BEHIND and allow NEW FACES to take up positions in the party. It was because of the perceived atrocities of the cadres in the revolutionary era of the PNDC regime that we stayed behind. We the (cadres) took the advice and supported the party throughout the 8 year term of Rawlings and again the 8 years of the NDC in OPPOSITION led by the then candidate Mills to make it a strong party. Cadres were re-trenched nationwide, what were their rewards for our EXTREME SACRIFICES? They had NOTHING at all to show for their hard work. Despite the fact that our OWN PARTY DID NOT REWARDS US for our extreme sacrifices, CADRES REMAINED LOYAL TO THE PARTY FOR 8 YEARS. Therefore cadres are the PILLARS of the NDC and INFACT the LANDLORDS of the party and we CAN NOT sit down for TENANTS to come and EJECT us illegally from the party we sacrificed so much to organize since 1992 to have a FIRM STRUCTURE on the ground all over the country cannot be allowed to be destroyed by green eyed self seekers who cannot see anything beyond their stomachs because of sheer INGRATITUDE.

Some people think that once we are in a constitutional era, anything that was related with the pervious PNDC regime must be DEAD. We rather have to build upon the basis that the PNDC established since the NDC is heir to June 4 as enshrined in the party manifesto. Cadres Deserves a pat nationwide, NOT discrimination and ingratitude. Is Anybody listening? I am done

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement