Cadres To Storm Rawlings Residence

Fri, 20 Jul 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

With Their Wives And Children If………

The one indisputable anvil upon which the 31st December revolution was launched is progressive politics with a pro-people agenda which united 90% of true radical Nkrumahists including this writer since I was once a Young Pioneer member under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s great CPP party from 1961 – 1966 when he was violently overthrown on 24th Feb. 1966.

The revolution managed to capture 10% of reasonable patriots from the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today.

It is a fact that the Rawlingses provided leadership by example by going to the ordinary people eating with them, sleeping with them and moving from village to village with Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings always on the move. The former First Lady knows 99% of Ghana’s villages, cottages, hamlets and towns more than any President of Ghana since independence in 1957 through the organization of women under the 31st December Women’s Movement from 1982 – to date 2012.

The Rawlingses honestly and patriotically blazed the revolutionary journey so successfully that other countries’ leaders rushed to Ghana to learn how the Rawlingses handled Ghanaian returnees especially when the Nigerian government expelled over 2 million Ghanaians out of that country in 1983 when there was severe drought in Ghana amidst bush fires nation wide which led to hunger in Ghana.

As I write, the Rawlingses names are already CARVED IN GOLD and they are now living in A HALL OF FAME for leading this country for 19 good years including their time as President and the former First Lady. They finally bowed out of office and handed over peacefully to Ex-President J.A. Kufour in January 2001.


When J.J. Rawlings was inaugurated as the President of the Republic of Ghana on 7th Jan. 1992. The entire opposition parties led by the NPP described him as “The Common Enemy” – He is still their Common Enemy today 2012, they only want him to destroy the NDC in order to enable them (NPP) to grab power in 2012. No way. Rawlings don’t go there at all. (2) He is still the Murderer in the eyes of the NPP, and not a Saint as the NPP now wants Rawlings to believe. A hungry man is an Angry man, do you remember what you said in 1982 when you launched the revolution- therefore Hungry Cadres Are Angry Cadres Too.


The private media are mainly answerable to their own money making interests. The “Free Press” became a National Champion of sick minded journalism when Mr. Eben Quacoo was the then Editor of that paper. The “Statesman” was full of the most disrespectful and disgusting pronouncements against Rawlings Presidency and it showed to the World the false impression of A NATION WITHOUT SELF RESPECT. The private media offended the public sense of decency and society’s sensibilities and they had a Heavy Price to pay and which they paid dearly when Rawlings left office on 7th Jan. 2001. The private media was a synonym for the mouth piece of a loose Alliance of Frustrated Politicians and various interest groups including several big men and tax dodgers who were jailed for corruption or were sacked by Rawlings for their corrupt management of state corporations. These were the very people who had being saying that Rawlings does not like the private press. They have become the flag ship in the campaign of FORCES OF DISRUPTION. The Rawlingses survived all these negative and destructive activities of the opposition parties led by the NPP Now, why at all should the Rawlingses try to commit a National Political Suicide by trying hard to ensure that Mills lose the 2012 election?

The Rawlingses are now comfortably seated inside a Hall of Fame with their names richly carved in Gold and Silver but they are now trying very hard to commit political suicide by working to ensure that Mills, the honest man of integrity who they IMPOSED on the NDC by FORCE in 1996 lose the 2012 election. Why should they treat Prez. Mills that way and leave him in the middle of the road today 2012? Only the Rawlingses can provide the right answer. They have now introduced politics of Frustration; Confusion and uncertainly in the NDC today.


It will be recalled that Jerry Rawlings told cadres that Goosie Tannoh who was loved by all cadres nation wide including this writer will take over from him (Rawlings) in the case of any eventuality. He made that statement in 1983 at Tema. Cadres fought on until 1992 when Rawlings wanted to chose Mr. Sam Jonah, the then CEO of AGC as his running mate and Jonah refused. Then in 1996, he again approached Jonah but he cleverly dodged him and escaped to South Africa and hid there until Rawlings plugged Professor Mills from the Internal Revenue Office where he was the Head and IMPOSED HIM ON THE NDC BY FORCE, and then applied the FEAR OF SACK to compel his ministers to fall into lime behind him.

When the cadres realized that party positions were being allocated in the homes of District Chief Executives, Ministers and at the NDC National Headquarters in Accra in 1996 we gave Goosie Tannoh, our mentor, an ultimatum to leave the NDC and lead the cadres in a new party or find himself alone in the NDC. Goosie Tannoh could not ignore our clarion call on him to come and lead the cadres. The core group around which the National Reform Party was been built include the erstwhile C.D.R’s and the Civil Defence Organisation, C.D.O’s popularly called Peoples’ Militia whose members realized that they have been USED to do the DIRTY WORK for Rawlings revolution and they (Cadres) acquired permanent enemies nation wide and were finally dumped forever after 19 good years INFACT, NEVER, NEVER AND NEVER AGAIN shall the remaining surviving cadres ask their children, friends or relatives to become Revolutionaries or Democrats in this country. The Reform Movement had complete control at the grassroots, the country side and the Zongos (2) We chose Goosie Tannoh because he would not have suffered from the Ewe Hate that dealt the NDC its bitterest electoral defeats in the Ashanti Region which had and still have the biggest number of constituencies which was then 33 and now 39 and above. That Region also have the biggest voter population in Ghana.


With his back against the wall after having being pushed by the cadres, Rawlings started offering JUICY AMBASSADORIAL POSTINGS TO THE REFORM CADRES which was promptly turned down completely. After all, did he know that the cadres are important and a FORCE TO RECKON WITH and were also capable of managing national offices and international offices? that is Rawlings for you. Enter Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, The former First Lady distanced herself from the Reform Movement completely and rather started accusing them of using “mis-information…to mislead the people and WIN support to achieve THEIR SELFISH OBJECTIVES, Members of the Reform Movement were described as Traitors who were worse than NPP members by the Rawlingses because we did not support the imposition of Prof. Mills on the NDC just because he is a Law Lecturer and 98% of Ghanaian Lawyers DID NOT SUPPORT THE REVOLUTION since they hated the erstwhile C.D.R IDEA, so since he was their lecturer, cadres kicked against his nomination and not that he was not qualified to be a Presidential Candidate of the NDC in 1996. The remaining surviving cadres are Hungry and very Angry – thanks” to the Rawlingses.

Today 2012, the Rawlingses have become very unpredictable. They should get prepared because cadres will be coming to their residence in their numbers with their wives and children to look for food, clothing and our children’s school fees if they continue to openly campaign against Prez. Mills to become a one term President of Ghana. Cadres are extremely bitter than both of them. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings should start learning how to cook”- Konkonte, Tumpaani, Kpoglo, Tuo-zaafi, Kapala, Bambara Beans, Cassava leaves soup – Kponkpovaari Zieri, Koose, Janjaga and Fuura - all Northern Foods because these are my staple foods and not jollof rice or salads. Is that clear? The Rawlingses brought Prez. Mills so they must help him to the end to win the 2012 general election or Perish politically. A word to the wise is Enough. I shall return when the need arise. I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement