‘Cake-less, icing or icing without cake

Kwasi Ansu Kyeremeh Usually, one would ask for the icing after the cake and It is the cake that has icing

Mon, 4 Dec 2017 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Usually, one would ask for the icing after the cake. It is the cake that has icing. So before you can talk or find or eat icing, the cake must have been there, possibly eaten first. Between 2001 and 2008, I could see and feel my share of the national cake. My salary as associate professor shot up dramatically.

Where there had been no hope of a retirement home, I then began to feel one. And, indeed, by the time I retired in 2007, I had a home; of course, not a mansion.

I could even afford to buy a new car; except that it happened to be a south-south buy which has not made my retirement mobility the trouble-free I had hoped for. Life was going well until some small boy know-little was put in charge of university education by a professor president.

His little wisdom told him salaries of university professors could not be indexed to the dollar as an incentive. Later, working directly under a professor minister, he was still able to steamroll over that boss. Today, that former professor minister thinks she achieved something.

All she achieved was saddling the children of today with a debt of $36 million for the unfortunate young to pay tomorrow. I still haven’t heard any girl child talk of having received the sanitary wear she was going to buy with the loan.

She just sat there watching the small boy whose first full-time employment was a deputy minister. Maybe she can shut up and let me suffer my pension penury because anytime I hear her talk achievement it sticks to me bad.

She has taken ex gratia from the taxes I pay from my little earnings. It’s not a fair world but those who benefit from the suffering of others can at least grant the sufferers some peace of mind.

After the cake, courtesy Senior Kufuor, came his icing toppings of free this and free that. NHIS, capitation grant, school feeding, MMT, LEAP, NYEP, all those came to top up the improved salaries and jobs.

However, it seemed the jobs were not enough to have an impact for ?sonomma to be returned to government during the 2008 elections. Of course, someone like me, and I am sure some of my compatriots are with me that, that election was stolen by the election thieves of the motherland.

It had to take a combination of 2012 and 2016 to discover the election thieving ways. The twisting and massaging of a ‘shall’ as ‘may’ of the motherland’s supreme law had hidden the 2012 election theft.

But 2016 was to come for the connecting STL cable channelling results through a congress manipulation centre for onward transmission to a compromising EC to be pulled.

When I look and listen around these days, I see and hear simply, jobs. All the icing will be meaningless unless there will be a cake for it to top. An icing topless cake of jobs will definitely be preferable to icing without cake. So come 2020 if there is more icing than cake, ?sonomma could forget confining congress to opposition.

Should there be jobs, jobs and jobs, that would be cake, cake and cake for which the icing of free this and free that would already exist because it has already been made.

So far, free allowances have flowed for student nurses and student teachers. As they enjoy the free allowances their seniors, some as many as five batches who had sat home jobless, now have jobs.

For teachers and nurses, then, there has been cake with icing. There has been the cake of jobs for the jobless and the icing of free allowance for those training.

They say one district one factory will be around soon. I just read: ‘320 dams in 64 districts coming’ soon. I can smell jobs, plenty of jobs. Should they all materialise (and they should), many will find money in their pockets.

When professor president promised to put money into people’s pockets, he quickly recanted when his congresspeople stole all the money he would have put into pockets. Cooking judgment debts they chopped the money till nothing was left for any other non-congressperson’s pocket.

Mister chop, chop actually confessed that they had chopped to the bone. Even then, they still wouldn’t let the bone go to anyone else. They chewed that too. So all I want to say, which I am saying is that hard work that leads job creation is what will save party and the motherland.

May anyone undermining the old man’s determination towards that direction with chop chop be shamed. Let them be shamed such that cake of chops be created and the icing already made be spread on it.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh