Call To Boycott Delta Airlines’ Flights To Ghana

Sun, 5 Apr 2009 Source: Agyeman-Badu, Kwame

For Excessive Luggage Charges.

Dear Fellow Traveler to Ghana:

Did you know that Delta Airlines charges the highest prices for extra luggage on their flights to Ghana? Look at the following current comparative price list:

Weigh 50 LBS (22.5 kg) or less

Delta Airlines: First two pieces of luggage: free;

Third luggage (1st Excess luggage) $200.00

Fourth luggage (2nd Excess luggage) $350.00

Fifth luggage (3rd Excess luggage) $350.00

Sixth – Tenth luggage (4th and above luggage) $600.00

51-70 pounds $150.00

71-100 pounds $300.00

British Airways:

Additional items of baggage over your free allowance

For each item of additional baggage (often referred to as 'excess baggage') above your free allowance, you will need to pay a fee.

If you pay prior to check-in, you will get a discount (the amount is dependent on your destination):

Charges per additional bag up to 23kg (51lbs)

EXCESS LUGGAGE TO GHANA (up to 23kg or 51lbs) 52-70 pounds Over 70 pounds £90 per bag (*approx $140.00/bag)

£72 per bag (online with discount) *approx $110.00/bag online $45.00

By Cargo

• * This is based on the current rate

What are doing about this? Since November 17, 2008 we have sent numerous petitions to Delta Airlines and copied US Federal Aviation Authority, bitterly complaining about the overcharging of travelers to Ghana by Delta Airlines. In the name of Concerned Citizens of Ghana, we have done everything to quietly press Delta to roll back their luggage charges and at most bring them in line with the completion. Delta has decided not to make any changes. See the various responses we have received:


“I understand that you and the Concerned Citizens of Ghana have questions about the rationale and fairness of Delta’s checked baggage fees and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry… we have sought to align all of our fees with industry standards for similar services in order to remain competitive with other carriers and keep the price of our tickets down for valued customers” Susanna Curtis, Manager, Customer Care

FROM U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION-Office of the Secretary of Transportation

“The Airline Deregulation Act was passed by Congress in 1978. These statutes removed artificial regulatory constraints on the airlines’ ability to structure and market their services to compete with each other. The concept was that market forces and competition would regulate prices and services far more efficiently than the government could. As a result of deregulation, the Department does not have the authority to force carriers to adjust fares or service fees.” Stan Bosco, Aviation Industry Analyst, Aviation Consumer Protection Division.

With answers like these, we have no other option but to ask all of you to join us in boycotting flights on Delta Airlines to and from Ghana. Let us get their attention where it will hurt- their pockets. Let us not allow them to take us literally for a ride. Come out. Pass this around. Patronize other carriers beginning now. Watch out for further announcements. Thank you.

United For Our Common Good

KWAME AGYEMAN-BUDU TEL. #: 646-436-7008 (Representative of the Concerned Citizens of Ghana)

Columnist: Agyeman-Badu, Kwame