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Sun, 16 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

We Fought For NDC Manifesto To Become A Reality

The 2008 general election was fought by thousands of UNKNOWN GREAT WARRIORS before we wrestled power from the then ruling NPP government to finally end the era of Selective Justice, Manipulating of the Judiciary, persecuting of former Ministers of the NDC who worked under Jerry Rawlings from 1992 – 2000. Yes, “Asetenapa Ma Awire fie Ampa” – Excuse me, for my poor Twi writing, since I am not an Akan.

When former President Rawlings hosted some former security chiefs at his Ridge residence to discuss some National Security problems in the country under the Kufour administration, the over confident NPP government swiftly reacted by banning all the said retired security officers from going to all Military and Police installations in the country because Kufour’s NPP government thought Rawlings was planning a coup against his administration.

Rawlings however called the bluff of Kufour’s National Security System and outdoored his former Generals at the launch of the NDC manifesto in 2008, which meant that the said meeting with Rawlings at his residence in Accra was more of an NDC agenda than the selective anti – NDC security problems in the country.

The Famous “Onward Christians Soldiers, Marching us to War”, was sang by Hon. E.T. Mensah, MP for Ningo Prampram who led the “Choir”. Thousands of Ghanaians including this writer believe and still believe that the NDC Manifesto is the aspiration of the WHOLE NATION and if the NDC had lost the 2008 election, the manifesto would have remained a mere collection of papers rejected by Ghanaians. We therefore fought DAY and NIGHT for it before it became a reality in this country and Professor Mills who described himself as a SERIAL LOSER now became THE SERIAL WINNER.

The fight is still on today 2011, between RIGHT and WRONG, between JUSTICE and INJUSTICE, between GRATEFULNESS and UNGRATEFULNESS, between RECOGNITION and NON-RECOGNITION where fellow party members in the NDC are now considered irrelevant and un-important only to the called upon to work for the party again during election time. When you dissent some later day saints and political chameleons in the NDC government will tell you to go to Hell, Yes, we shall go to Hell with such green eyed destructive wolves in sheep-skins parading as staunch NDC supporters in 2012 if that is what they really want. We will lose nothing because we (the footsoldiers) are now living in worse conditions more than the NDC era in opposition from 2001 – 2008, let them continue to provoke us and see the final results in 2012. We voted for A Better Ghana and Not a Bitter Ghana led by a Divided Ruling Party members.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was perceived as a Bad and an Unholy man but after he was falsely charged and crucified, it was after his death that Jesus Christ was recognized as a Holy and Great man. After Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, came the advent of the crusade for TRANSFORMATION IN MANKIND. We must NOT praise our leaders only, when they are dead. The Late Adolf Hitler of Germany who burnt 6 million Jews in the Gas chambers still have supporters in Germany today, 66 good years after his death. In which part of the NDC manifesto did the party leadership plan to manage the Political Force of Rawlings without making him irrelevant? Those who are plotting such an impossible mission to do away with the Rawlingses will all live to regret it in December 2012 if they go ahead with such a political suicidal plan. Some of us are not surprised at all because of the recent events in the NDC government and the party, since Professional Mischieve makers have now disbanded their political parties and RETURNED TO THE NDC AFTER ITS VICTORY. Where they not the very people who campaigned vigoursly against the NDC in 2008 by describing the then candidate Mills as a SICKMAN who would soon die in no time? Didn’t Obed Asamoah tell Ghanaians publicly that Mills was NOT a presidential material in 2004 and 2008?

Coming events cast their shadows. Human beings MUST LIVE to give the NDC manifesto its meaning.


Cadres cannot insult Rawlings in order to get Jobs so those in powerful positions must continue to enjoy from our sweat and enjoy from our sweat and toil and describe him as a barking dog.

The General Secretary of the NDC must apologise to all NDC members in general and the footsoldiers in particular. If he fails to apologise to us, then he must go public and tell Ghanaians that all those who vote for the NDC because of the Rawlingses must stay away from the 2012 general elections because of the Rawlingses, because the Rawlings Constituency is much larger than their entire DFP membership nationwide. The General Secretary is going too far and must be called to order by well meaning Ghanaians, because HE IS BITING MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW Who is that BARKING DOG in the NDC that does not exist anymore?

Is that dog now dead in the NDC or what? The NDC is creating more problems and more mistakes. Instead of correcting its past problems and past mistakes, the leadership are rather multiplying them. We had GREAT CONFIDENCE IN YOU and elected you as the Great General Secretary of the NDC party and you BIT the HUGE BLUE ELEPHANT of the NPP relentlessly until it became very sick with political malaria and it could not be cured by NPP members despite the billions of Ghana Cedis and dollars that were spent to cure its sickness. It enabled the NDC to beat the NPP with only 40,000 votes in 2009.

However, you are behaving as if you are possessed by some unseen forces by making a U-turn which is not your usual character, INGNORING NPP members who are moving Heaven and Earth to return to power, by RATHER BITING Hardworking footsoldiers and cadres of the NDC with your feelers. Your feelers will break because our SKINS are Harder than the skin of the NPP’s blue elephant that was imported from the U.S.A. in 1992. To be Frank, you have disappointed thousands of cadres and footsoldiers including this writer by your recent utterances which you planned as far back as 2008 with some top party members. Is that the main reason why hardworking footsoldiers and cadres including this writer who worked around the clock to return the NDC to power in 2009 are sidelined and replaced with those who did nothing to return the NDC to power nationwide? Is that the reason why our numerous petitions written through the party structures to your high office were thrown into waste paper baskets? Are you really serious to return the NDC to power in 2012 at all with such indirect abusive language against the NDC founder, party supporters including well meaning Ghanaians? Posterity will never forgive you at all, if you people UNDERMINE President Mills to become a ONE TERM PRESIDENT in Ghana. We are fed up with the UNGREATEFULNESS of the NDC leadership and their dis-respect to cadres and thousands of footsoldiers in the NDC including the Founder of the Party. You must stop it or …….


“Your Wealth Would Not Buy You The Protection of the Law, and if you Were A Poor Man, The Hand of Justice Would Not Abandon You – J.J. Rawlings” . AFRC Chairman – June 4 1979. This was where Rawlings got his extreme hatred by some Ghanaians from. Since the NDC is heir to June 4, the party leadership had planned to do away with the idea of Probity and Accountability as enshrined in the NDC party constitution without the Knowledge of Rawlings as far back 2008 when we were in opposition, hence the term” New NDC.

After using him to campaign vigorously for the NDC to win in 2009 – He must now shut up, isn’t it? It will never, and can never happen as long as he lives in this country. Mark my words.

Now, if the Yard stick of June 4 is to be used in measuring the lifestyles of Politicians and some Ghanaian business men again today – 2011, those who will be the first corrupt cowards to cross the Togo and Ivory Coast borders within the new NDC will outnumber members of the NPP in this country It is a fact.

Prez. Mills and his Vice President will remain in Ghana as well as most appointees because they are NOT CORRUPT. You are rather destroying yourselves and the party and NOT Prez. Mills Why on earth should the government decide to attack its own footsoldiers nationwide and rather leave the NPP machinery intact and they have the impudence to tell us that the NDC is in power, but their NPP is in control of the country. The party leadership are rather stabbing Prez. Mills at the back and pulling his legs from behind by treating the founder of the NDC as a social nobody in the government- If you don’t stop and won’t stop – then Bring It On We are ready for you people come 2012.

Think About the strike actions of the Ghana Medical Association and our Teachers and leave the Rawlingses alone. We now know that all those who undermined Prof. Mills and the NDC from 2004 and 2008 will rather be rewarded with Ministerial appointments and AWARDS – God Bless NDC, God Bless the President and his Vice. God Bless the Footsoldiers and God Bless the Rawlingses. What is coming, is coming, and what will happen will happen.

Is Any body Listening? I am done. Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua.









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement