Campaigning in the central business district militates against coronavirus fight

Coronavirus New21 Ghana is among the countries affected by coronavirus. File photo

Sun, 15 Nov 2020 Source: Daniel Yiadom Boakye

The blistering effects of the second wave of the Coronavirus on America and Europe and the resurgence of it in our nation demand that leaders of political parties adopt a more creative and proactive methodology for campaigns that are in sync with the new normal in a manner that protect the very people whose vote they would be seeking for in the impending December 7, 2020 elections.

It is therefore preposterous and I believe, nebulous as well when the very members of the political parties whose votes are hundred percent assured to their parties due to their unwavering proclivity would be allowed to run riot in the midst of an exacerbated crowd of people with glee and without wearing nose maks in the central business district of Accra like Tudu, TUC etcetera.

Thereby endangering their own lives and many others like traders, market women, and a host of others who come there for commercial and other purposes.

Wearing of nose masks becomes impracticable owing to the rising temperatures during the day of recent times due to the impending harmattan season and also heat the body produces from their activities such as jumping, singing, and many more.

The thought of the unimaginable level of inconveniences that arise from this party supporters marauding with glee and chanting party songs compounds traffic movement both vehicular and human and also put the covid fight in a very sorry state.

A case in hand was on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, when I accidentally bumped into Mahama 'afa' campaign in the central business district of Accra and I know other parties also do but my thought was that we can inundate the whole place with party paraphernalia to ring some bells of the respective parties in the minds of the voting public in such areas.

They can also use virtual and television programmes which I know some have already resorted to using for campaigning but that needs intensifying to preclude taking campaigns to such areas only to make our fight against covid and the traffic situation go from bad to worst

Most Ghanaians are already angry at politicians for various reasons and the least they can do is to placate them and not make life uncomfortable due to such terrifying traffic inconveniences which further aggravate their anger.

Columnist: Daniel Yiadom Boakye
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