Can A Government Of National Unity Emerge

Thu, 7 Jun 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

After The December Presidential Election?

By Kofi Thompson

One cannot help but be saddened, when one looks at television news footage, and sees the obvious suffering of one's fellow humans, in conflict zones in African nations such as Somalia; Eastern DR Congo; Darfur; and the area along the border between Sudan and the Republic of Southern Sudan.

I am equally sure that there are millions of ordinary Ghanaians, who also empathise with the victims of African conflicts - and who doubtless are apprehensive about what lies in store for Ghana, on polling day 7th December 2012, and its immediate aftermath.

If the December elections are violence-free and peaceful nationwide, It will redound to the benefit of Ghana and all its citizens - as it will confirm to the world that Ghana is indeed a truly peaceful and stable multi-party democracy: and a beacon of hope in Africa, worth partnering.

The question is, will the extremists in the two biggest political parties in Ghana, the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the biggest of the opposition parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), be reined in by their more level-headed colleagues?

The ordinary people of Ghana are hoping against hope, that the men of violence will be held in check, at a time of possible great danger for the enterprise Ghana.

If those myrmidon-types are successfully held in check, it will save our homeland Ghana from the trauma, which fellow Africans in the continent's conflict zones experience, when their lives are turned upside down, as a result of the belligerence and lust for power of ruthless and selfish politicians.

It will be a true mark of statesmanship, were the losing candidate in the December presidential election to broadcast a message to the nation, asking members of his party to accept the verdict of the people of Ghana - and call for national unity at a critical juncture in Ghana's history: so that the people of Ghana can face the future together as a united people, sharing a common destiny.

If the losing candidate in the December presidential election were to also then go on to pledge his - and his party's - support for the winning candidate and his administration, in the supreme interest of Mother Ghana, that will earn him the gratitude of the whole nation, as well as the respect and admiration of all Ghanaians.

One hopes that whoever ends up losing the presidential election will rise to the occasion on the day - and by his words and actions, book a place in the Pantheon of great Ghanaians: for saving our nation from possible catastrophe, in preventing post-election violence by disappointed supporters of his party.

Perhaps, in return, the winner of the presidential election will reward such statesmanship, by announcing his intention to form a government of national unity, made up of Ghana's brightest and best, across the spectrum - and by so doing unite all Ghanaians behind the new administration formed by his party. A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi