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Can Akufo Addo Debunk His Innocence in Drug Addict Accusation?

To sit on the big chair in the castle as the president of this country, there is absolutely nothing like a private life. A private life inevitably becomes part of a public life. In other words, both a private life and a public life combine to become a solely public life. The public becomes much more meticulous and curious of everything about the person does both in and outdoors.

Akufo Addo is silently trying to make his long –time continuous allegation of drug addict to die naturally. However he (Akufo Addo) must know that Ghanaians never forget a bad allegation about somebody. The only way Ghanaians easily forget about a bad allegation against somebody is when the person proves his or her innocence. For example, during 2008 general election campaign, the incumbent president, President Mills, was accused of not being a good parent. Accordingly, he (President Mills) came out impeccably to debunk that allegation that he had been more of a good father than been a politician on Metro TV (KSM show) and many FM stations across the country. He stated further that he (President Mills) had given his loving son to his sister to stay with and continued to provide money for his stay.

Similarly, just recently, Hannah Bissiw, the current Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing was disgracefully accused of grabbing two expensive tax cedis mansions in her hometown (Techimantia) by Daily Searchlight newspaper. She (Hannah Bissiw) also came out boldly to debunk and condemn the report that if she needed two mansions, both wouldn’t be in the same place and she would be very happy if the editor of Daily Searchlight newspaper could show her where the buildings were so that she would give one to the people of Techimantia free of charge. She concluded that the editor used her to sell his newspaper in order to get his daily bread.

Not only that, many current ministers including Hon. Samuel Ablakwa ( the Deputy Minister of Information) were accused of grabbing tax cedis to buy mansions in the US and some European countries by the press. However Hon. Samuel Ablakwa came out to condemn such unfounded allegation against them.

Hon. Alban Bagbin, the current minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing was also accused of using tax cedis to travel to the US with his wife to have the best ever party on the earth by NPP. Similarly, Hon. Alban Bagbin came out to defend himself against that unfounded accusation that the expense of the journey and party was taken by an NGO but not tax cedis.

The lists go on and on. Now looking at Akufo Addo’s drug addict trap in which he has kept long to set himself freely suggests publicly that he (Akufo Addo) is a drug addict. There is a saying that, “silence means concern.” Akufo Addo being silent on this drug addict accusation obviously portrays, he agrees that he is a typically good drug addict.

Now imagine, you and I as Ghanaians voting such a drug addict into power as the president, his brain might be horribly gingered by cocaine and wee to sign wicked international contracts to put the whole country into a big jeopardy. Moreover trading of drugs would become easy to and from other countries because he himself (Akufo Addo) would be demanding for some to use. Besides, what kind of impression would he be giving to the future generation that drugs are good for every president?

Incredible elected President of the United States, Barrack Obama, during his campaign, he came out happily to tell everyone in the United States and beyond that he used to be a wee smoker but later he realized it wouldn’t help him and he quitted. Can Akufo Addo disclose similar thing? Absolutely no! Why? This is because there is a big difference between Barrack Obama’s drug usage and Akufo Addo’s usage. Barrack Obama used the drug (wee) in his youth age and quitted whilst Akufo Addo has been using the drugs from his Achimota school time up to now in which he doesn’t want to quit. Such person, do you think he can prove any innocence as Obama did?

According to some good psychologists, drugs and madness cannot be separated. Now ask yourself, yes you the reader, do we want a mad person to rule us? Absolutely no!

NPP people accuse Rawlings of using drugs immediately somebody raises this issue against Akufo Addo. Rawlings’s constitutional right of ruling Ghana is past and therefore he cannot contest to become the president again. If he (Rawlings) were contesting as Akufo Addo is doing for the presidency now then he would be asked to justify himself of drug addict. Moreover all Ghanaians didn’t know and didn’t criticize Rawlings of drug addict during 1992 and 1996 general election campaigns as being done to Akufo Addo now. If we had known in 1990s that Rawlings was a drug addict as some NPP people are saying now, you and I as Ghanaians wouldn’t have voted for him to rule the country.

If Akufo Addo keeps on being silent on this accusation of drug addict and also being womanizer then he must forget about Ghana presidency because majority of electorates are Christians and Muslims in which a moral aspect of a person matters a lot to them.

Writer Stephen, Australia

Columnist: Agyemang, Stephen