Have the stars shined at starr fm? – a year on

Fri, 14 Aug 2015 Source: Starr FM

I paid attention to, and wrote about Starr FM about a year ago, when the newly established station attempted to plunge the whole country into stark darkness by employing all stars – including those in the skies – to work in one station. I was skeptical about this move because we had witnessed several failed attempts by other radio stations in the past.

Well, a year after I wrote ‘Why the Stars at Starr May Not Shine’, I am back again to review my thoughts. Were my sentiments a premonition?

Starr FM has certainly come to stay, no doubt. With such a fat bottomless purse, why won’t they stay? The average ‘Joe’ in Accra who is aware that Ghana currently has a substantive Vice-President and even knows his name also knows of Starr FM. They don’t necessarily need to have listened to the station before; being aware of its existence alone is enough. At least, if a staff said to an acquaintance that ‘I work at Starr’, he/she doesn’t have to explain whether Starr produces pure water, alcoholic beverage, T-roll or diapers; the public knows what they do.

The past one-year must really have been an interesting ride for the Starr family. From the highly patronized massive ‘S-Concert’ on the Osu Oxford street (it was a free show on the street so what did you expect with crowd?), through the continuous arrival of both on-air and off-air staff – albeit in smaller droves – from ‘mother’ company, ‘Multimedia,’ to the ‘voodoo’ research that named Starr as the most-listened-to English radio station in Accra, this year old baby with sharp teeth has certainly known no dull moment.

On air, there have been the highs and the lows. I mean continuous highs and some perpetuated lows.

Ever tried listening to the morning show on Starr FM? *Yawns*. I know I am not qualified to attempt critiquing a genius like Kafui Dey. I look up to him when it comes to MCeeing. In fact, I have read his book, How to MC any Event about eight times already and still counting. I am a distant mentee of his, but to say the Starr FM Morning Show is anything but boring will be akin to me saying “the Cedi is more valuable than the dollar.”

And why was the much advertised ‘Kafui and Jackie Ankrah’ co-hosting of the show ditched? Well, maybe someone realized that there was no point serving an overdose of potent poison. Whoever you are, thanks for sparing us the agony.

‘The Zone’ with Naa Ashorkor has grown. Yes, it has. For someone who had no radio experience prior to Starr FM, she can only get better. I will give Naa another year before I make any judgments. If you heard Naa in her first few weeks and heard her on the show today, you would agree she has grown with the show. More time will just be fair for someone I call my friend.

But wait ooo… Is Naa not too everywhere on my TV nowadays? Well, never mind.

In my honest opinion, the flagship of Starr FM has been the drive with Bola Ray. Yes, trust the Emperor in his usual hype-man fashion to make you believe that a small event for about 25 people is the biggest thing to happen in West Africa. If you doubt his antics, try asking Sarkodie what made him brag so much to incur the wrath of Ace hood, almost marring the release of their collaboration. It’s a joy listening to Bola anytime and I love the weekly ‘Starr Chat’.

Again, it is too early to comment on the ‘BolAnita’ partnership. The prospects certainly look good but let’s give it sometime. Jon Germain isn’t doing badly with his ‘drop off’ show either. He’s quite a pleasant home-bound traffic companion.

I have listened to ‘Starr news’ a couple of times but in all those moments, its either because for some strange reason, I could not tune in to Joy FM or even Citi FM, or because I didn’t own the car from which the sound was bleating so I couldn’t help but listen. When was the last time an issue raised on Starr news became a topical one in Ghana? Well, don’t mind my bias but we all know where to turn to for breaking news.

The online outfit of the station started with a bang, but since Archbishop Duncan-Williams stopped making controversial comments from the pulpit and since discerning readers saw through the sinister agenda in releasing the hotel CCTV footage from the ‘KKD Saga’, the site has practically seized to be of much impact. Somebody tell ‘Habemus Papa’ to please say something about gays or women this Sunday. Starrfmonline.com needs it badly!

Certainly, there are shows on Starr that I believe are clearly direct clones of those on other stations. Saturday’s ‘Morning Zoo’ and ‘Club Arena’ are such examples. Why go to Peter when I can directly get Jesus? After all, who doesn’t know originals are better than counterfeits?

As for the research that said Starr was the-most-listened-to English station after barely six months in operation, it only reminded me of a joke that says: “The funniest jokes are jokes which are not funny the moment they are told!” Days, months and years after, when you remember how ‘unfunny’ the joke was, and the silly look on the joker’s face, you may laugh your heart out to death. Well, I am having one such good laugh now. The most terrible joke of a study I have read in a while!

On a scale of 1-100, I will give Starr FM 65%. Not for its successful on-air exploits, but for the great top-of-mind recall it enjoys. As for the numerous stars and how they are faring after a year, I guess I enjoy it anytime Ama Selormey presents the entertainment news.

I insist it’s not always about the big names!!!

Happy Birthday Starr FM.

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