Best bet is still the NPP

Fri, 27 Nov 2015 Source: NPP Chapter NY

Judging by the ineptitude of the NDC government, which has ruled Ghana for the past seven years, President Mahama should have honorably resigned the presidency even before Ghanaians go to the polls on Novermber 7th 2016, in order to save our country from becoming a completely failed state, saddled with mountain debts.

The incompetence of President Mahama and his NDC government was so clear that, prior to the NPP Congress held in Tamale, the general discontent among Ghanaians suggested that all was set for the largest opposition party in Ghana to easily win the 2016 elections. “Current misunderstandings” in the NPP have however “sent shivers down the spine” of some Ghanaians, making them wonder if the party of Dr.J. B. Danquah, Dr. K. A. Busia and Chief S. D. Dombo can effectively run the affairs of Ghana when given the chance.

Ghana’s presidential system of government allows the party that wins the majority of votes in elections, the prerogative of implementing policies for the country. Whiles many Ghanaian scholars, members of the clergy and civil groups have voiced their opinions against the “winner take all voting system,” it is what we have and unless we change our constitution and adopt a proportional based one, we need to be pragmatic and vote into office the political party with members, who are capable of successfully running the affairs of the country. We have to strive to achieve this objective since there are no “incentives” in our constitution for the majority to seek opinions from the minority.

For this reason, the Ghanaian voter should therefore go to the polls without expecting to see “the face of saints” on the ballot, but representatives of fallible political parties; Nana Akuffo Addo for the NPP and President John Mahama representing the NDC.

The practical question we must contend with is, “Between the NPP and the NDC, which party has the best brains to run the affairs of our country successfully, being mindful that a vote for Akuffo Addo is a vote for the entire NPP brain, as a vote for President Mahama is a vote for the current crop of public office holders we have under this NDC government?”When the serious mind of Akuffo Addo is thinking of ways of adding value to Ghana’s raw materials in hopes of expanding our economy, President Mahama is seriously racking up debt for future generations and actively labeling those who question his competency. Whiles the serious mind of Dr. Bawumiah and Dr. Akotto Osei are worried about the fiscal irresponsibility of the NDC government, Mr. Amissah Attah, Mr. Seth Tekper and Fiifi Kwetey are busily finding ways of attributing governments penchant of borrowing in the past seven years to a dip in commodity prices and “citizens behavior.” Whiles the youthful members in the NPP are constantly engaged in discussions that will foster growth and development in Ghana, the “unserious” mind of Kwakye Fosu, Sam George, Stan Dogbe, Koku Anyidoho are fetishly engaged in denigrating Ghanaians without provocation. I don’t think this lack of panache and diplomacy is what Ghanaians bargained for in their leaders.

There are times when this NDC makes sense though; I guess if you lack ideas on how to resuscitate an ailing economy, the best a government can do is to wane off criticism from well-meaning Ghanains through insults, propaganda, innuendos and irrelevances, which forces some of these constructive critics to coil into their shell-a perfect way of ensuring that the rot which has bedeviled this administration goes on without any “stumbling blocks.”A true epitome is how President Mahama constantly panders to “populism,” such as utterances laced with ethnocentrism, labeling of opponents, organizing keep fit activities and sod cutting ceremonies in hopes of “rate of 10.45%. President Mahama’s government is not creative enough to ensure that sweeping the dust” into the eyes of Ghanaians, so that they will be oblivious to their sufferings. The NDC government has issued a third Eurobond, which attracted an interest, as measures put in place to generate revenue from within Ghana, thus their over-reliance on loans in an attempt to fix Ghana’s economy. How do you get revenue from industries when there is no power for production because of “dumsor?” No wonder the government had to solely rely on loans in an attempt to run the economy.I sometimes wonder how the huge debts that President Mahama is accruing for Ghana is going to be amortized. It is sad how some nations will ensure that future generations enjoy some surpluses, whilst we saddle ours with debts; I wonder how posterity will judge this NDC government. When one questions the government on the rationality behind the over reliance on debts, their argument is that they are borrowing to finance projects.

How do you borrow to finance projects when your capital expenditure is in decline? Good debt is good for nation building, when used judiciously. The current debt situation Ghana faces is counterproductive because of its negative repercussions, which includes but not limited to a decline in our sovereign credit ratings (S&P credit rating; B+/2008, B-2015), which implies that we will have to pay more interest on the loans that this present administration go for. I am not surprised that the fourth Eurobond which was issued by the present government attracted a coupon rate of around 10.45%.

The NDC prides itself as a social democratic party yet; it had to take the center right NPP to implement viable social safety nets to Ghanaians such as NHIS which President Mahama strongly opposed as a parliamentarian .

Under the NPP, it was a great feeling when as a Ghanain student in an American college; Professors will engage you on economic success stories in world respected publications such as the New York Times and the Economist Magazine. News on Ghana these days on Bloomberg news are always negative; decline in sovereign credit rating or excessive borrowing by Ghana. The negativities on the part of this present administration are too much for Ghanains to allow them to handle our affairs for the next four years. It will be detrimental to our nation. In short, creativity is just not there for this government, they’ve run out of ideas! It will therefore be a disaster to maintain them in office for four more years. We are the least perturbed about the present misunderstanding in the NPP. It is not because we are oblivious to these disputes. Our faith in the NPP stems from the observation that irrespective of these squabbles presently going on, it amazes me how we are yet to hear of a single member, officially renouncing his membership from the “Elephant family.” One inference we can draw from this development is that, all the members involved in the “NPP dispute” are rational; they know that their causes and objectives are easily achieved as members of one unit, rather done trying to achieve them on their own.

The NPP is nowhere near the self destruct button. The future of Ghana is on the brink of bankruptcy. As such, there is the need for serious action going into election 2016.The NPP will surely close ranks behind the Presidential candidate before the heat of the campaign sets in. The NPP should still be Ghana’s best hope in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

We will conclude with a statement by Ludwig von Mises “There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men”.

Long live NPP.

Long live Ghana.


Columnist: NPP Chapter NY