Can Everybody Be A Leader

Fri, 24 Aug 2012 Source: Bampoe, Emmanuel

The problem of leadership has lived with us for years. Many philosophers, Theologians and great thinkers have tried to solve it but it stands still. Sometimes people in the leadership positions make it so simple that people are tempted to believe that it is easy to become a leader. This entices people to aspire to become leaders, forgetting of the fact that, it is not everybody who is made to be so. The question is not what do you want to be, but can you? That is not to say that ambition is not necessary in the society but when it comes to the state’s management ability is preferred to ambition. There should be nothing like try and let see, if you can do it. Leadership positions should be given to those who can properly handle them and not to those who want to. How do you then determine who can be a good leader? A leader must be intelligent to be able to analyze the public opinions and not just consume everything that the public will say. One must be powerful to take hard decisions that will benefit the state even if the majority of the people are not in favor of that. One must have self confidence otherwise people will all the time decide for him. One must be as wise as a snake. Above all, one must be physically, psychologically and morally good to really fit in the society. Any leader who lacks any of these qualities can never be a good leader. Poor leadership will lead to the collapse of the society; the economy will be at its worst mess. Many people will feel the pinch of its highest form. The poor will curse the day they were born. The laws in the society will not be observed. People’s rights will be infringed upon and yet will be accepted as part of the society. As for corruption, there will be nothing to heal it and anybody who will rise against it will rather be cursed forever. The secret is that, there are those who are fitted by nature to work and not to rule, to be servants and not to be masters. The idea that everybody can be a leader is only a comfort thesis. It is very difficult to accept it but that is how it is. Everybody must accept his position. Rulers must respect workers and workers must respect rulers for without workers, there will be no need for rulers and without rulers there will be no need for workers as well. It is thus important that proper leaders be chosen.





Columnist: Bampoe, Emmanuel