Can Ghanaians do Galamsay in China?

Galamsey.png The 5 'Galamseyers' who were recently arrested

Thu, 27 Dec 2018 Source: Charles Addai

Say NO to illegal Chinese Mining Activities in Ghana! As we anticipate the year 2019 to start ticking, it should be one of our New Year Resolutions to resist and reject any Chinese illegal mining activities.

Within the last decade, the influx of gold seekers from China has threatened our survival. The pace at which the mighty Asians destroy our forest, land and water bodies to find the much needed gold as they compete globally with the Europeans and the Americans is unassailable.

All patriotic citizens must unite to reject the little amount of Renminbi that our Chinese friends offer in turn for the destruction of our precious lands and water bodies. Our European partners never caused this kind of a disaster to our forest, to our land and to the water bodies.

We must put behind greed and selfish gains to re-hoist the flag of patriotism. If our land is destroyed we cannot ask the legions of Asia for a place to live. Their own territory is not even enough to accommodate themselves.

Do you think that a Ghanaian owned mining company can ever win a concession of a square meter land to mine coal in China? If that is not even possible, how can Ghanaians enter the Chinese forests and water bodies for illegal mining, while their people clap for us, as we give them some cedis? We would be craving for death.

The ordinary Chinese will not accept that kind of an insult from Africans. Their security agencies would deal brutally with us. We really need to think about the harm that we are unleashing to ourselves and that of the future generations.

Who doesn’t remember the effects of illegal mining, from the destruction of our fertile lands and water bodies to air pollution, from endangering of biodiversity to outbreak of epidemics? It is our responsibility to protect our natural home. If we destroy our environment, we destroy our progenies.


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Columnist: Charles Addai