Can MPs be Taken to Task, and by Whom?

Mon, 10 Mar 2008 Source: Adofo, Rockson

A curious mind may inquire about the duties and functions of an elected representative of a Constituency into Parliament. I am convinced our noble "Kwasi Adjeman", an expert on this subject though a classical impersonator, acting cowardly by assuming a name other than his real, will volunteer answers when the question pops up. He, having graduated from a cleaner, a kitchen porter through to a Primary School teacher in London has an air of importance and superiority about him, making him look down upon "watchmen". These MPs are not only into Parliament to legislate laws and regulations for the nation but to fight for their fair share of the national wealth (cake) for their individual constituencies. It should be noted that MPs being public office holders are accountable to their constituents, electorates and the entire Ghanaians. They should be capable of tabling motions, partaking effectively in Parliamentary deliberations, attending parliamentary sessions as much as it is reasonably required of them. They should be ready to offer themselves and their acts for the public scrutiny.

To my noble Mr. Kwasi Adjeman, "How, why, and when is one voted to represent their constituency?" Yes, the MPs' job is difficult, for that I know. Their job is very complex, and it's not as simple as imagined by the less intelligent watchmen, whom to him should shout up their mouth when it comes to discussing national and constituency issues. Kwasi, is this the message you are really putting across? If I should dare take you on, revealing the sort of character you are, the least credibility you have will evaporate into the thin air in a wink. The fact that the sitting Kumawu MP is your brother does not mean that his failures should not be discussed. He was not voted into Parliament to ensure the persistent pursuit of satisfying his personalized insatiability of some sort, but to contribute through policy deliberations to bring about the social, economic and cultural reformatory upliftment of not only his constituency but also, Ghana as a whole. Is that what we see? No! Don't be that much ignorant, thinking all Kumawu people are myopic fools incapable of detecting the shortcomings of our Hon. MP. I shouldn't dwell on your brief display of utter vanity to lambast you beyond redemption. Our differences of opinion should not make us enemies though as coward as you are, you will sit around the table to discuss me with your family. Do I care? Approach me with your views, that is a show of manliness. We must continue to remain friends, as fellow Kumawu citizens with differences of opinion but agreed to disagree. However, I am not the type to allow anyone to gross their incompetence when it has to do with the welfare of Kumawu traditional area. Gone are the days when we stupidly sat on the fence, cracking and twirling the fingers, beckoning a perpetrator on while he/she ransacked the public coffers. I have taken a stance and I will die for the nobility of the honest stance so taken. I will require of alias Kwasi Adjeman, a Church Elder (name of church withheld), to be noble in all his undertakings, the only advice I can offer him.

Our MPs should not think they were voted into Parliament to do things other than those pledged to the electorates. It is only when the electorates challenge them through questioning, asking them to render account of their service that they will sit up and be doing, or else, most of them will always pursue their private selfish agenda. I insist, the MPs are the employees of the electorates or the constituents of whom they represent. Like any employer, the constituents have the right to ensure the employee is doing the job to expectation. If I fail to perform my job satisfactorily, a watchman as I am, as alleged by "Mr. Success", (alias Kwasi Adjeman), by preventing crime, protecting property and protecting lives, my employer will sack me. Will the teacher not get the boot should he fail to teach properly, measured in terms of the successes of his/her pupils or students? Why should the MP not be subjected to the same standard of scrutiny, but be exempted, as seemed to be the perception of, and prescription by my Dear Kwasi? He is a relative so the rules of the game be changed irrespective of how a big failure he may be? This is absolute nonsense. Each one is accountable to someone at a point in time.

Ghanaian electorates should exercise their democratic rights. They should not let the politicians get away with murder. Any MP who does not perform should be reprimanded at best, and be voted out at worst. One person with a secret criminal record dating as far back as Dr. Busia's Progress Party's era, has a strangle-hold on the Kumawu MP. But to think to get re-elected by satisfying the personal gluttony of the man in question at the expense of the entire constituency is the greatest error ever to make by any MP.. MPs should please be dedicated, honest, use every weapon at their disposal to ensure their constituencies get a share of the national pie. MPs with their families, relatives and friends, should please hold in high esteem each constituent regardless of their profession; as irrespective of any measuring yardstick used, each has equal strength of one vote, and it is by their vote that the so-called MPs became MPs. The MP is by far more intelligent than the senior impersonator who devoid of common sense does not understand the adage, "Do not bite the finger that feeds you" or better still, "Do not cast stones into the well that supplies thee with water". Could we please drink from the fountain-of-ideas of Mr. Adjeman, to help quench our thirst for infrastructural development or whatever, for Kumawu constituency? In the absence of any, then the alleged single idea offered in my preceding article should have the day. It must be noted that columnists are accustomed to insults. And insults being their daily reward as exemplified by Mr. Adjeman, have made them naturally insulated. You may think to be insulting the writer but you will end up insulting someone else as the sweeping condemnation of Adofo being an ignoble watchman has not in the least affected him as he knows his worth but many others who are in that profession. It must be stated that most of these "Burger" watchmen are students, undergraduates, MA , MSc and PhD holders, army ex-service men etc. Anyone doubting my assertion can carry out their own verificative investigations. I have endeavoured this lengthy explanation just to give people insight into what pertains in the Whiteman's land. This also goes to tell we should not in the least allow our MPs to take us for any rough ride so as to prevent qualified people or Ghanaian citizens becoming watchmen, cleaners etc, in foreign lands. Are all fingers created equal? Does each finger not perform a unique function but all join to perform a much better corporate function? Why at all should I dwell on someone robbed of his dignity and intelligence?

Have a good day, fellow Kumawu constituents. Let us all join hands and heads together to get our MPs to perform satisfactorily. Let us iron out our differences in civility.

Rockson Adofo, London

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson