Can Nana Addo rescue his sinking integrity?

Mon, 27 May 2013 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.

Deeds, acts as well as contributions of individuals are highly indelible that they leave even centuries after an individual death. Be it [Those deeds, acts and contributions] good or bad, we will all be remembered as such. It is however important to note that, an individual societal statue determines how long his or her name will remain in the lips of the living. Among the calibre of persons whose names seems too hard to ruin include; politicians, lawyers, doctors, educationists and of course the rich. I don’t, and cannot envy the man; Nana Akufu-Addo the two times unsuccessful presidential candidate of Ghana’s largest opposition political party-the N P P. I will be very grateful if readers will take my concerns in an unpartisan manner.

It is said that if you want to know where your grandfather was buried, you engage yourself in to politics. My understanding as far as this saying is concern seems to suggest that politicians are a category of people in the society that people will always want to dig into their root to know much about them- obviously for various reasons of which am unable to tell. It is also important to note that in digging to know much about our political leaders or leaders to be, many routes are considered depending on where one stands.

Hiding under the cover of trying to know much about our politicians, so many tactics are use including bare lies, propaganda and most unfortunately insults. Politicians will at all cost employ all manner of tactics to degenerate their opponents regardless of which route employed. But should citizens just consider some of these allegations as political witch hunting, lies etc whenever they arise without due scrutiny? Unfortunately, we are in a country where everything is politically viewed thus making it difficult for even security agencies to pursue maters. For example the famous arson accusation labeled against former president Rawlings by an N P P activist named Nana Adakwa and the subsequent boycott of parliamentary proceedings by N P P M Ps after his arrest by the police is still fresh in our minds.

These acts have been engaged across the entire political divides for far too long. The imprisonment of Dan Abudagbi [forgive me if I had your name wrongly spelled] also received similar boycott from the N D C. List of these acts engaged by the two leading political parties of our country is too tall. Will there be a time where Ghanaians will stop politicizing everything? Hmm I doubt! What of you?

Here lies before us another accusation labeled against one of Ghana’s political hero[Nana Akufo-Addo] over his integrity regarding his been call to the Bar, the law school he attended as well as his certificate obtained in his law school is concern. Nana Addo, since 2007 have had bitter accusations from some Ghanaians as far as his authenticity as a lawyer is concern with the most recent one been raised by a former Supreme Court judge-justice Francis kpegah. Unfortunately, the recent allegation and the subsequent writ filed by the retired judge to that effect raised serious political controversies. Whist some considered the writ as politically motivated, self centered aimed at painting Nana Addo black, others viewed it with different lenses- arguing that the retired judge might have tapped on something that Nana Addo has been hiding over the years. Of course, they are all entitled to their opinions.

The matter got boiled over when it was widely reported that Nana Addo’s law certificate got lost. This gave room for some to jump to their own conclusion that Nana Addo does not have a certificate to battle it out in court as far as Justice Kpegah’s petition is concern.

Many are those who taught that the staunch politician would have use this opportunity to clear his name of the dirty waters-probably by proofing his critics wrong, but to their surprise, the N P P stalwart through his legal team prayed the court to throw out the retired judge’s writ and thus had the court ruled in his favour. But beyond this, the doubt of many Ghanaians over the matter is and will continue to hang around Nana Addo’s neck even after his death, unless the following questions are properly answered to the satisfaction of all those who are uncertain as far as Nana Addo’s credibility as a lawyer is concern. Before I put forward my questions, let me add that many are still wondering as to why ‘the want to be president’ has been silent for that too long over this issue knowing very well the damaging effect that it could cause to his persona.

1. Can any lawyer in this country or any part of the world boldly come out to tell the whole world that yes! He or she has sat in the same class with Nana Addo in the law school? Or should we consider it that all his classmates dead?

2. Can any lecturer help us out as far as this matter is concern by confirming that yes indeed he has lectured Nana Addo at the law school?

3. Can any lecturer tell us that he has marked or remember marking Nana Addo,s scrip in the law school?

4. Can Nana Addo boldly help our ears by showing the entire world his law certificate as his Excellency Paa Kwasi Arthur did when he was pushed to the wall by some Ghanaians?

5. Will Nana Addo,s law school authorities[if any] confirm to us if indeed Nana has successfully graduated from their institution and as such qualify to practice as a lawyer?

It is true that Nana Addo had the writ stroked out, but there is more to it than that, because many are those who think the retired judge could have reveal more hiding secrets if Nana Akufo-Addo was to enter a defense.

So, is Nana Addo ready to face the retired judge as he hints of filing a fresh writ over the matter so as to end this worrying matter once and for all?

Nana Addo is someone many are mentoring; and thus would not want to see their mentor’s persona questioned in such manner. Please Dear reader, I will be grateful if you would kindly take away your political lenses before and after reading this piece. Nana! Over to you.

Haruna Sumaila Abugri. abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.