Can President Akufo Addo prevent population explosion in Ghana?

Prez Akufo Addo NABCO President Akufo-Addo

Fri, 9 Nov 2018 Source: Joel Savage

The fast growth of Africa’s population is a disturbing and worrisome issue to the developed world. Therefore, if African leaders don’t want any clandestine medical crime to take place on the continent, then they must seriously consider doing something about Africa’s high abnormal birth rate.

In 1960, 280 million people lived on the African continent, today it is over 1.2 billion, of which one billion is in sub-Saharan Africa, thus; according to the United Nations’ estimates, in 2050, the population of the continent will be 2.5 billion people, and by the end of the century - 4.4 billion. This is more than the entire population of the planet in 1980.

So far, aid from Western countries to Africa has been limited to infrastructure projects and humanitarian supplies, but not enough attention has been paid to birth control. And since Africa’s overpopulation is causing a crisis in the developed world, then the European and American governments will find a solution to minimize or stop the crisis.

Unfortunately, the method they use is a crime. Even though the truth behind Africa’s depopulation with biological weapons such as Aids and Ebola has never been spoken, those responsible don’t show any remorse because African leaders aren’t ready to work on how to prevent population explosion in the continent.

Family planning or effective birth control has failed in Africa because that’s not a priority to African leaders. Even if contraceptives are distributed free of charge, it will take too much time and will not change the situation in the near future. Overpopulation is the main reasons African is experiencing political unrest, ethnic conflict, lack of fresh water, high prices of commodities, lack of proper healthcare and unemployment.

As a result of overpopulation in Africa, more and more African youths are rushing into Europe and America, creating an intractable refugee problem. The wrath of overpopulation in Africa has prompted people like Bill Gates, who is worried about global overpopulation than global warming to call for the depopulation of Africa to save Europe.

More and more scientists and political scientists in Europe are warning that the old continent will not be able to withstand the demographic pressure from Africa and the Middle East. What would happen in the year 2020, when over a million and a half refugees arrived in Europe?

This is the biggest question yet to be answered and when persuasion fails, force is applied, therefore, guess, which force is going to be used to solve Africa’s overpopulation or prevent the influx of illegal immigrants or refugees?

This is the time for African leaders to implement compulsory family planning or birth control policy, to save the continent from the future unseen calamities, instead of encouraging procreation.

One always starts something to inspire others to follow, I will, therefore, count on President Akufo Addo's government to show African leaders the way. One man, one wife, as written by T.M Aluko, or we follow the strict China birth control policy? God bless Ghana.

Columnist: Joel Savage