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Can Rawlings And His P/NDC Chums Answer The Following?

Can Rawlings And His P/NDC Chums Answer The Following?

Mon, 13 Jan 2014 Source: Amponsa-Dadzie, Kofi

I watched a clip on Joy News TV of Jerry Rawlings abusing President Kufuor, and admonishing President Mills for not carrying out a Probe of so-called corruption by NPP Government...It was painful to see this man abusing such dignified people and want to ask him WHY he, Jeremiah John Rawlings, and his P/NDC DID NOT ALSO ACCOUNT FOR THE FOLLOWING IN HIS 19 YEAR MISRULE OF GHAHA:

1. PNDC Account 48 - containing all the fines paid by Accused Persons from 1983 to 1993...As a Registrar of Public Tribunals I vividly saw so much money paid into this Account from the Regional, National and Appeals Tribunals , as well as penalties imposed on so many wilful Ghanaians by National Investigations and Citizens Vetting Committees, and Confiscated Assets Committee manned by most of these same people in the present NDCX Government. The Money paid into this acoount was huge and records must be in Ghana Commercial Banks. The signatories of this PNDC Account 48 included Jerry Rawlings, Isaac Duose, Kojo Tsikata and administered by Ato Dadzie...Why did Rawlings fail to Account for these monies to date?

2. Where is the proceeds of sale of Obuasi Gold Mines, Konongo Gold Mines and Tarkwa Gold mines sold to Anglo Gold By rawlings and his chums including Sam Jonah, Atta Mills, Kwamena And Kwesi Ahwoi. The latter said the $565 Million they got from Obuasi Gold Mine sale went to the organisation of the bogus Local Assemblies but there is no paper trail accounting for close to a Billion Dollar sale of Ghana's properties.

3. What did Rawlings and Tsikata do with the Loan taken from Societe Generale with Ghana's Oil Drill Ship? The loan money was not used for any Oil Exploitation whatsoever in anywhere in Ghana and yet never accounted for...Why? Are Ghanaians afraid to ask this man questions? Can Rawlings testify that he was not aware of the loan? How much did he and his wife get from the said loan?

4. How mauch was taken by Jerry Rawlings and his P/NDC crooks from the sale of 14 Black Star Line 'old' ships and 4 spanking new Ships sold to invisible cronies of PNDC? Why did he sell them, when we need Ships to run our businesses? where were ships taken to for dongomi sale?

5. What are the revenues or accounts for all the TIMBER PNDC Government cut and sold abroad between 1983 and 2000.? Rawlings government decimated our landscape and destroyed the ecology of Ghana causing erratic rainfall that affected our agricultural development by cutting a lot of old big trees and transporting these to foreign cronies at the cover of the darkness of curfew...Where can we find records of REVENUES obtained from the sale of these TIMBER, directly administered by Ato Ahwoi, as head of Revenue Commission?

6. Where can Rawlings and his PNDC point to MONIES accruing from the sale of Nkrumah's flagship GIHOC Industries and other factories sold by Rawlings P/NDC to himself/wife, other NDCs and foreigners...Where are the proceeds of sale of STATE FACTORIES built by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah? Why did Jerry Rawlings sell these factories, left alone by PP/NRC/PNP Governments of Ghana? Apart from Nsawam Cannery Factory given to his greedy wife, WHO actually own these factories now? Where is the money, Rawlings, fiaffitor la?

7. PNDC sold so many traditional and State lands to foreigners including over 8000 hectares of lands in Magoase near Sogakope to Gaddafi. By whose authority did he sell these lands as stated clearly on GLAHCO website...and where arte the MONIES? Why are the sale of lands never accounted for by the thieving PNDC government?

8. What about the sale of State Departments such as PWD, SCC, SHC, MMB, PBD, AESC, and many State organisations? They all had Regional and District departments with many landed properties such as acreage of lands, Buildings, Machinery and equipment and other resources including cars and vehicles. Who bought them and how much did they pay? Could we not have used these properly to create employment for all the teeming youth of Ghana today? Now where is the money, Rawlings and NDC Government?

9. What about the loans and credits given to Ghana during the reign of Rawlings and PNDC during his 19-year dictatorship? Can he please account for these loans given to Ghana under the Economic Recovery programme, PAMSCAD and other IMF initiatives, especially when there are no landmarks to date to show what they did with these many Millions of Dollars of Loans given to PNDC Government? We saw what President Kufuor did with these loans such as BUI Dam and Oil Discovery...What about him Rawlings? What did he do with all these loans during their dictatorial government of almost 20 years, when in his time SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION WAS REDUCED FROM 7 YEARS TO 3 YEARS?

10. What about the sale of all these many State Hotels including Ambassadoer, Star, Continental, Elmina Motel Kumasi City Hotels and all the Regional Catering Rest Houses? Where is it gazetted about the sale of these State properties...How much did Gaddafi buy these hotels as advertised in www.glahco.com...Who is running these former state properties, since the new Libyan Governments are not aware Gaddafi bought these properties, for which $8.2 Billion remain in debts? — with Frank Mandela Bawumia and 19 others.



GLAHCO has acquired offices, residential premises, flats/bungalows at Labone and Asylum Down and constructed six (6) executive residential houses on the 1st Circular Road in Cantonments. It has also developed a shopping mall on the Cantonments Road in Osu (check website to see the properties of this company owned by Gaddafi-Rawlings P/NDC Consortium, and ask questions for you are also a Ghanaian)

Columnist: Amponsa-Dadzie, Kofi