The King Tackie Tawiah Iii Foundation In Brief

Tue, 5 Oct 2010 Source: Safo, Charles


The foundation is essentially a response initiative actuated by the ever-growing awareness that the welfare and developmental needs of indigenes- the local people remain far from being met;

Secondly, the recognition that government and state intervention alone cannot deal sufficiently with these needs;

Thirdly, the consensus that in order for local people to experience the kind of positive change and progress needed to turn themselves over, there is the need to resource and empowers them to take a higher level of responsibility towards their own welfare and development.

Indeed, there should be a perception shift from being seen as mere beneficiaries of welfare to partners in the creation and development of their fortunes.

This has its implications and challenges, it means creating the necessary infrastructure and the framework for pursuing these objectives; a challenge which has been all the more pronounced with the downturn of the global economy.

The foundation’s strategy has been to encourage and engage all well-meaning individuals, bodies and institutions in discussing all kinds of support, and to which there have been remarkable success. I am able to confirm, for instance, that funds have been released through donor intervention, for the construction of a School of Business and Management in Accra; and this is just the beginning of more major projects in the pipeline.

The foundation maintains Human Resource Development as its cardinal policy and in line with that, it is vigorously pursuing programmes which will see the provision of more educational facilities and scholarship schemes especially for the benefit of the less privileged.

Infrastructure at the local level takes a premium in the foundations scheme of things. Healthcare delivery, justice, sports, foot, water and security are some of the very important domains at the local level, and I am glad to state that they command a high profile in the foundations budget.

The foundation’s philosophy is that a favourable demographic profile of the localities is indexed directly to the socio-economic standing of the nation.

Our vision is therefore simply to promote the development of our country, by developing our local communities in partnership with the locals themselves.

The official launch of the King Tackie Tawiah III Foundation on Saturday 9th of October in London will provide a very important opportunity to the public to know more about what it stands for. For further information about the foundation and the Ga Educational Endowment Fund (GEEF), please visit www.kingtackietawiahiii.com.

Press released on 2nd October 10 in London

Columnist: Safo, Charles