Carl Wilson's Intransigence stains the Greatest Achievement of Mills

Wed, 12 Oct 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Give the devil his due. President Mills' most laudable achievement so far is his tactical riddance of Former President Rawlings from always breathing down upon his neck issuing hypocritical commands. He is also gradually but progressively engineering Rawlings' exclusion from the NDC party. In effect, he has succeeded in stripping Rawlings of his once vaunted title of "The Father and Founder of the NDC party" He did this without raising a finger or uttering a word, but through silence, sidelining and determination not to have anything in common doing with him for good. He has proven how "Silence is golden and Patience is a Virtue" are two most effective weapons for fighting ones obnoxious enemies. I salute him for successfully shutting the chattering box of Rawlings without sending any incompetent and politicized operatives from the BNI after him.

However, should President Mills continually remain silent in pursuit of chalking successes as the President of Ghana? No, not in the face of his Deputy Ministers, some government appointees and especially, Carl Wilson and the NDC foot soldiers behaving irresponsibly to the detriment of peace and safety of law-abiding Ghanaians. His silence has worked to relegate Rawlings to his position as a Former Head of State who should leave a sitting President alone to be his own man. He has proved to Rawlings that he is a spent Former Head of State who should cut his cloak according to his current stature and status. However, it will not work when it comes to resolving the insurmountable difficulties confronting Ghana as an emerging economy.

I wonder how a President could wallow in the belief that rewarding the enemies of his enemies is the way forward to governing a nation. Is it because a maxim goes, "The enemies of my enemies are my friends?" Car Wilson was a complete thief by the understanding of all discerning Ghanaians with even the capricious NDC foot soldiers inclusive. He used his cheating African mentality to rob many Ghanaians of their imported expensive cars. All the while that his absurd infatuated madness of confiscating imported cars based on flimsy assumptions was in manifestation, incurring the wrath of the entire nation, President Mills just sat nonchalantly agape.

Carl Wilson, who Ghanaians will hold to account for his daylight robbery inflicted on Ghanaian car importers, is now boastfully claiming to win the parliamentary seat of Weija Constituency in Accra on the ticket of the NDC party. This person of dubious nationality has always been carrying gun, threatening to use them at any least provocation citing self-defence. The NDC, especially President Mills, seems to reward thugs in his party that he perceives to be defending his interests. What are these interests, Mr. Mills?

I will one day hold Alex Segbefia responsible for the dastardly acts of falsely seizing cars as perpetrated by his friend and appointee, Carl Wilson. Alex, like his NDC party and government, partook of the benefits accrued from the impounded vehicles. While the entire nation was decrying the crimes of Carl Wilson, Alex Segbefia, a probable accomplice, was defending him to the hilt. It took the notorious NDC foot soldiers who had become incensed at the open robbery by Carl Wilson to wake President Mills up from his then deep slumber to order the sacking of Carl Wilson. Nevertheless, was the sacking of Carl Wilson effective? No! He was at the Tema Harbour a few weeks later trying to seize more cars again. Who is Carl Wilson to disobey President Mills if the President was not that weak as every intelligent person acknowledges except many an NDC clowns?

Anyway, how much gain was Alex Segbefia's in that car confiscating but in effect, looting spree? Who was issuing those chits that people took to Alex to sell them confiscated cars at lower than nothing did prices? Why did the NDC decide to sell the cars, retain the money, instead of returning the alleged stolen cars to their countries of origin? Has Atta Mills by keeping the money not made all Ghanaians accomplices in the thievery spearheaded by the supposed Ghanaian car thieves resident abroad and Carl Wilson? Are the NDC keeping that dubiously raised money from the dodgy sales of the wrongly impounded cars to assist with their election 2012 campaign finances as some people surmise?

Carl Wilson has tainted President Mills by his stubborn and thievery stance. However, does the President see it? He has eyes but he cannot see. He has ears but he cannot hear. Moreover, he has a mouth but he cannot speak. Is this not reminiscent of that lackadaisical monkey's behaviour of, "See no evil. Hear no evil. And speak no evil?"

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson