Celebrating John Boadu at 50

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Whilst it is true that Ghana's political landscape has been blessed with many Generals, it is also true that there have been Generals and there have been GENERALS. There are Generals and there are GENERALS. Some Generals are incomparable with other Generals. Some were born Generals whereas others were made. Some are called Generals only because they occupy certain privilege positions whereas others are called Generals because that is who they really are, and they cannot be called otherwise.

In everything they do, they do it with impeccable dexterity and distinction. They are results-driven and consistent at meeting set targets within time. Even where everybody sees an impossibility, they see a possibility. To them, everything is a serious business. Undoubtedly, one person that belongs to this category of GENERALS, is General JOHN BOADU, the indefatigable General Secretary of the governing NPP. This man is the longest serving National Officer of the NPP in history.

He is the only man who has held virtually every position at the party headquarters with the exception of Nasara, Women Organizer and National Chair positions. He's been National Finance Officer, National Youth Treasurer, National Youth Organizer, National Communications Director (Deputy), National Organizer and now General Secretary. Prior to his rise to the National Level, he served the party well at the grassroots from Polling Station Chairman, to Constituency Secretary, to Regional Research and Elections Officer. This, you can only get in a John Boadu, as the GENERAL.

Need I add also that when the NPP needed someone to step into a big vacant shoe and take charge of the party organisation and administration at the time the party was hit with its worst internal crisis sometime in the build up to the 2016 General Elections culminating in the suspension of its National Chairman, General Secretary and National 2nd Vice Chairman, John Boadu was again to the RESCUE of the then crisis-ridden NPP. He competently steered the affairs of the party to chalk an unprecedented electoral feat combining a trio; National Organizer, National Campaign Director of Operations as well as Acting General Secretary.

His assumption of office as the substantive General Secretary of the party has also proven to be a turning point. With his down to earth disposition and unrivaled simplicity, General John Boadu, first of all, demystified the position of the GS of a "book long and capitalist party" like the NPP making it one that the ordinary Ghanaian and party sympathisers are glad to identify with. Also consistent with his pledge to resourcing party structures, John Boadu has been supporting the construction of party offices across the country.

Again, General John Boadu has ensured that for the first time in the party's history, Regional and Constituency parties are given financial support each month as well as other resources to help sustain the party at the various levels. To him, the NPP is everything and that is why he lived his entire adult life serving the party with a vow to continue serving the party until his Maker calls him. Having had the privilege of working closely under him, I am able to say without doubt that John Boadu probably loves the NPP more than his life.

And that is why for instance, on this special day of his life where he is marking his 50th birthday (Golden Anniversary), John Boadu, instead of resting at home for obvious reasons, he, against the wish of his immediate family, has chosen to hold a training workshop for all constituency executives in the Tema Zone of the Greater Accra Region comprising Tema East, Tema West, Tema Central, Shai Osu Doku, Ningo Prampram, Kpong Akatamanso, Ada, Sege, and Ashiaman constituencies.

General John Boadu, my boss and mentor, on a very personal level, I cannot thank you nor celebrate you enough for all the things you've done and continue to do for me. Equally, the rank and file of the NPP cannot say enough "THANK YOU" on this special occasion. Certainly, the NPP cannot be blessed with a better GENERAL.

Happy 50th Birthday Anniversary. May almighty Allah continue to guide and protect you in all your endeavo

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem / iabdulhakeem92@gmail.com