Change Is Coming To Ghana In One Week.

Wed, 3 Dec 2008 Source: Nkansah, Charles N.

Fellow Ghanaians, I have just one word for you: CHANGE.

It has been eight long and painful years of failed and broken NPP promises. Mr. Kuffour was the cross we had to carry on this painful journey in our nation’s history. Thank God in one week, we shall dump this albatross hanging on our necks and CHANGE will come to Ghana. Even the stubborn and arrogant Kukrudu knows it. No wonder they quickly CHANGED their slogan after eight years of failed and broken promises from “Positive Change 1 and 2” to “Kangaroo is Moving Forward”. Yes they have failed us and they know Ghanaians would not be fooled the third time to buy this garbage they re-packaged as “Moving Forward”.

Countrymen and women in one week, we shall CHANGE this NPP government who has penchant for telling lies and supervised the most irresponsible looting of Ghana’s scarce resources by a few unscrupulous individuals. Indeed, I sometimes wonder if some people in NPP think the rest of us Ghanaians are foolish or simply stupid to think for ourselves.

In one week, we shall CHANGE this corrupt and property owning NPP government for a transparent and sincere government who has the welfare of all Ghanaians as priority irrespective of who you are or where you come from. A Better Ghana under a Better Leader, Prof. John Atta Mills.

When Vice President Aliu Mahama said they had their money before coming to power, little did we know he was talking about how much they would steal from the rest of us in eight years with impunity. Many of these people who just yesterday could hardly feed themselves are today some of the wealthiest in the land while the masses continue to suffer and wallow in poverty.

President Kufour on January 7, 2001 could not pay for the renovation of his private home. It took a faceless farmer and state money to renovate his private home. Today, he was able to purchase Hotel Waa Waa worth millions of dollars in his son’s name. Why would President Kuffour not look us Ghanaians in the face today and call us “lazy”? I bet President Kuffour did sniff something terrible when he granted that interview to the BBC just a couple days ago.

I am here to tell you that Yes We Can in one week, bring CHANGE to Ghana. CHANGE can be a painful Transformation, very expensive but absolutely necessary at this juncture of our nation’s history.

Yes in one week, we should reject any re-packaged lies called “Moving Forward”. Who in heavens name would like to continue Moving Forward into the same Mess for the next four years under not only a vindictive but also an arrogant Nana Akuffo Addo? Tufiakwa! Ghanaians, we cannot sleep under Nana Akuffo Addo Presidency.

In one week, we need a CHANGE that will invest in our people, create new jobs, build the infrastructure and put our economy they lied about for the last eight years on a solid footing for all Ghanaians.

In one week we need to CHANGE Ghana to a place where everyone has a chance to succeed; from the “kayayo” to the President; nurses to doctors; students to teachers; children to our seniors; from all men to all women. In the last eight years just a few unscrupulous individuals MOVED themselves FORWARD by looting what belongs to all of us.

In one week, we need to CHANGE the politics of divide and rule tactics adopted by this arrogant NPP government from Gushiegu to Bawku, from Tamale to Angloga; where they pit clan against clan, tribe against tribe, family against family; political party against political party; polarizing the entire nation with fear for the past eight years. Ghana today is certainly not the united and peaceful Ghana they inherited on January 7, 2001.

I am here to tell you that I CHARGE the NPP for being among the greatest liars on earth. - They lied Ghana was Highly Impoverished Poor Country (HIPC) and then turned around to MOVE FORWARD every benefit derived from this scam into private pockets. - They lied petrol prices at ¢6,400.00 or .64 pesewas at the time was too high but turned around to MOVE IT FORWARD to unprecedented heights. - They lied about VAT then turned around to MOVE FORWARD the percentage and added many more taxes to take money out of our pockets for the comfort of a few. - They lied about GETFUND then turned around to misappropriate and owe the GETFUND Secretariat. - They lied about healthcare and then turned around to MOVE FORWARD proceeds from NHIS into Dr. Arthur Kennedy’s pockets. - They lied about our schools and turned around to MOVE FORWARD fake and expired food to feed our innocent children. - They lied about jobs then turned around to MOVE FORWARD the sale of every government property they came to meet and taking away jobs from Ghanaians without creating any new ones themselves. - They lied about fighting corruption and then turned around to MOVE FORWARD their agenda to dry clean Ghana in an unprecedented looting spree. In short, they lied their way into government. It was all a political gimmickry and while unsuspecting Ghanaians buy into Positive Change, they got themselves busy dry cleaning the nation and looting everything “waa”, “waa” , “waa” in an organized day light robbery-style.

I CHARGE the NPP with being the greatest nation LOOTERS Ghana’s has ever seen in our 51 years history. NPP government received more donor support than the total money received by all governments of Ghana combined from independence to January 7, 2001. But today, despite these enormous donor support, debt forgiveness and debt cancellation, they MOVED FOWARD our nation’s debt to unacceptable heights and the debt still climbing. This is the kind of mess they want us to continue moving forward into. Hell no!

I CHARGE the NPP with being the greatest MURDERERS in Ghana. Before the 2000 elections, several women were mysteriously, brutally and senselessly murdered. On assuming office, they supervised the brutal murder of Ya Na and 40 of his clan elders in a despicable act of terror. Till today, nothing has happened. They supervised the torturing to death of Alhaji Mobila and nothing has happened since then. They supervised the lost of innocent lives and property in Anloga, Gushiegu, Bawku and Tamale among other places. Nothing has happened. NPP, where are the perpetrators of these brutal and despicable acts of murder? NPP has endorsed a culture of impunity and gave blank license to murderers and terrorists to freely kill innocent Ghanaians. Ghana’s history of terrorism is too fresh on our minds from Kulungugu bombing to Kumasi and many more. They cannot deny the charges of the murders?

I CHARGE the NPP with being the greatest HYPOCRITES in Ghana. They swiftly jailed Mallam Isa as a scapegoat of Mr. Kuffour’s sham Zero Tolerance for Corruption. They jailed other NDC former ministers for causing financial loss to the state. As I write, an innocent man and a hero Tsatsu Tsikata, a man who should be honoured with our nation’s highest award is languishing in jail for causing financial lost to the state. On the other hand NPP thieves and rogues are walking free and still looting. There is no place in Ghana that the NPP can go trying to re-write the history of our nation and say they created democracy, they fought corruption, they established the rule of law, freedom of speech, peace and stability in Ghana. They don’t believe in democracy, rule of law or freedom of speech! The arrest of that innocent man in Kumasi for asking why Mr. Boukasa Kuffour travels so much was not freedom of speech. The invasion of Radio Gold with impunity was not democracy or freedom of speech. The jailing of Mallam Isa was not fighting corruption. The jailing of Tsatsu Tsikata was not applying the rule of law. This is total HYPOCRISY.

I CHARGE the NPP with being the greatest supporter of ARMED ROBBERS in Ghana. Ghanaians were sleeping in freedom before January 7, 2001. What a hell happened after that day? Today armed robbers have taken over control of the streets of every city in Ghana, creating fear, maiming, raping, killing and orchestrating a stealing spree that is unprecedented in our history. The security of our people has been severely compromised beyond repairs by a government which is helpless in fighting armed robbery and has given a field day to criminals. They can’t deny the CHARGES. You can’t deny the CHARGES. We Ghanaians are a living proof of these CHARGES. Let us reject any idea of MOVING FORWARD into more mess like this and accept CHANGE.

I CHARGE the NPP with moving Ghana FORWARD from Gold Coast to Cocaine Coast. Nana Akuffo Addo as Attorney General and Justice Minister helped in opening the flood gates to drugs and turning Ghana into Cocaine Coast. He gave blanket cheque to drug barons and de-confiscate their assets. How on earth can large quantities of cocaine locked under heavy security at the Police Headquarters vanished into tin air while the remaining turned into “kokonte” power under the very nose of the IGP? This cannot be allowed to continue MOVING FORWARD? This is not, “Believing in Ghana”? It is “Believing In Cocaine”. We need the CHANGE that will restore the integrity of the Police force whose leadership we can trust to secure seized cocaine and tackle the root cause of the drug problem. Nana Akuffo Addo cannot be trusted with fighting cocaine and other drugs in Ghana. He simply does not believe in Ghana. He believes in cocaine.

In one week, at this defining moment in history, you and I can give this country the CHANGE WE NEED and to move our nation on the right path to prosperity instead just moving forward in the same mess with its disastrous consequences.

Ghanaians from all walks of life are hungry for a Better kind of leadership with new ideas for a Better Ghana, and a new kind of politics devoid of vindictiveness and polarization. A Better Leadership that favours common sense over forgotten and archaic ideologies we have seen in the last eight years. Politics that shapes the very values and ideals that hold us in common as Ghanaians and forms our foundation as the Black Star of Africa.

Now Nana Akuffo Addo has served with President Kufour in the last eight years as Attorney General and Minister of Justice. He also served as Ghana’s Foreign Minister. In both positions, he performed abysmally. He stood with President Kuffour in every failed step that has derailed our nation this far. He stood with President Kuffour in selling some of our valuable assets including Ghana Airways and Ghana Telecom. Today he turns around to tell you and I that he believes in Ghana. Today he turns around to tell you and I that he will move Ghana forward to a first world nation in fours years. What a joker!

But here's my question for you, Ghanaians: do you think Nana Akuffo Addo really believes in Ghana? The fact is Nana Akuffo Addo doesn’t even believe in himself, so what a hell can he believe in Ghana?

Our nation is severely paralyzed by corruption and looting, the cocaine regime, the armed robbery, the kidnappings, the murders and the crushing economy. Despite all evidence to the contrary, that there are better days ahead if only we voted for the CHANGE WE NEED on December 7 and MOVE these arrogant Elephants way FORWARD into the bush where they belong.

That's why we as Ghanaians still have hope. That inner feeling that insists, we should stop looking at the facts of our situation and declare the favour of God for a Better Leader. A Leader who is humble, transparent, sincere and has the welfare of the people as his priority; Prof. John Atta Mills.

Ghanaians are willing to work for it by voting CHANGE on December 7. Ghanaians are willing to shake off our fears. Ghanaians are willing to redefine our values and priorities as a nation instead of building Presidential Palaces and buying Presidential Jets that will only be delivered in 2010, two clear years after Mr. Boukasa Kuffour leaves office. Do you smell what I smell? KICKBACKS “WAA WAA WAA”!!

Remember this election is not over until we cast our vote for CHANGE. Don't think for a minute that the election has already been won for Prof. John Atta Mills so there is no need to go and vote. Get out there on election day and vote for CHANGE WE NEED and ask other Ghanaians to do the same. And in this last couple of days, we need you to do more of the house-to-house campaign started by Prof. John Atta Mills and knock on some doors for CHANGE.

On election day, be vigilant and do not let anybody fool you by buying your conscience and so he turn around again the next day only to call you “lazy”. Let us safeguard the votes we cast to make sure our votes actually count for CHANGE and not for something cocaine doped Kangaroo we never voted for in the first place. Our future depends on CHANGE and not on any Kangaroo Dance. In these last few days, let us work harder to MOVED this corrupt and arrogant cocaine government way FORWARD into the bush.

But I know this, fellow Ghanaians that the time for CHANGE has come and the Lord is on our side. In one week, Prof John Atta Mills will not just win this election as President of Ghana, but together, we will CHANGE Ghana forever for ourselves and our children’s children and liberate our nation out of the hand of rogues.

Thank you and God Save Our Motherland.

Charles N. Nkansah.

Montreal, QC Canada (nkansahc@yahoo.com)

Columnist: Nkansah, Charles N.