Change the “Ahobr3ase3 hene” to “Adwaman hene” now!

Sat, 13 Oct 2012 Source: Agyemang, Katakyie Kwame Opoku

There can be no gainsaying that Ghana is a religious country. In view of the people’s strong belief in the Supreme Being, certain politicians sometimes put on religious clothes with the view to portraying themselves as ‘angels’, especially during electioneering campaigns. They can even brand a Presidential Candidate as “Asomdwee hene” (King of Peace) whilst alive; then burry him at “Asomdwee Park” after his death; and ridiculously ‘film’ him as the elder brother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Even though the actions and inactions of the late Mills in both private and public life exposed him as a fake Christian, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was the inability of any renowned pastor/priest to claim that the late president was a member of his church. The atrocities that were witnessed under his maladministration; the manner in which his only son was conceived and born; the criminal manner in which he paid GHC51.2 to Woyome; the blatant lies about his ‘unprecedented achievements’; and the way he aided and abetted his Team B born dogs to insult Christians, cocoa farmers, political opponents, etc underscored the saying that; “not everyone who says, ‘Lord, Lord’, will enter the Kingdom of God”.

Although, it took the NDC’s “Asomdwee hene” six (6) democratic contests to win the Presidential Election, Atta Mills could not even cope with the workload at the presidency until he kicked the bucket under bizarre circumstances. One would have therefore thought that the NDC members in general, and John Dramani Mahama in particular, would learn a useful lesson from using God’s name in vain. However, John Mahama, like the stubborn cat, wrongly assumes that just as the accolade “Asomdwee hene” won Mills the presidency; so shall it work for him. It is therefore not surprising that with less than two months to a crucial election, John Mahama has the gut to tell Ghanaians that the upcoming general elections would be a “one touch” victory for himself and his party. As to how and why John Mahama had that thought, I think he is the only person that could give a better explanation to Ghanaians.

For some time now, I have struggled to figure out the basis upon which this John Mahama thinks he could be elected a president, not for Judgement Debt Fraudsters or ‘Greedy Bastards’, but the President of the Republic of Ghana. How and why? Is John Mahama not aware that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is in the same race with him? Does he think he is contesting the Bole-Bamboi parliamentary seat? Does John Mahama think the presidency is up grasps for those who can loot the national coffers, or those who can father more children outside their marriage? Well, if John Mahama thinks that the Office of the President is for people who can use filthy words like “BALLONEY” and “USELESS” against Ghanaians, then he is in the wrong arena. Also, if John Mahama thinks Ghanaians are looking for a president who could kill flies with “BULLDOZERS”, or watch pornographic videos in his office, then I am afraid he is in the wrong race.

Having used his position at the presidency to write off his brother’s GHC57m debt, John Mahama thinks Ghanaians are so naive to cast their votes for a leader who had failed to bring SADA and 200,000 housing units into fruition. John Mahama must be told that Ghanaians are not in any position to elect bribe takers as their leader, for the case of the renewal of Armajaro’s license is still fresh in our minds. If any patriotic Ghanaian was to check the circumstances under which 250 Ghanaians were secretly selected to study medicine in Cuba in the name of ‘Government Scholarship’, I don’t think any voter with the right conscience will even decide, let alone vote for John Mahama.

Dear electorate, if any of you have perceived John Mahama as a fine gentleman, then I can confidently tell you that you’ve had wrong perception all along. This is because John Mahama is involved in every single negative thing that Satan brought onto this earth. For instance, on gargantuan corruption in the country, John Mahama is the Usain Bolt in that field. If you go to the area of immorality, it won’t surprise you to see John Mahama with his zips on his pair of trousers widely open. On incompetence, lies, thievery, greed, selfishness, and arrogance, John Mahama is the Lionnel Messi there, if not Christiano Ronaldo. If you want to see the extent of John Mahama’s lies and propaganda, make your way to Katamanto Market in Accra and count the number of ‘kayayes’ (head potters), for John Mahama promised to take them back to school when the NDC assumed the reigns of governance. Was it not this same John Mahama who promised 10% of the oil revenue to the people of Western Region? But what happened? So how could John Mahama be named “Ahobr3ase3 hene” and decisive leader when the NDC knows that a decorated monkey is still a monkey?

It must be made clear to all NDC members that John Mahama is not new on the country’s political field. At least, for nearly 4 years, he has been the vice president of Ghana and prior to that we were told that John Mahama was the “Obama” of Ghana politics. Where from the sudden change of name? For me, the NDC members got everything wrong; first in the choice of Mahama as the party’s flag-bearer, and second with the new accolade, “Ahobr3ase3 hene”. It is in this light that I write this piece not only to expose John Mahama as ‘good for nothing’ public figure, but also to suggest more appropriate accolades for him. These are, but not limited to the following:

• Adwaman hene – king of womanizers

• Atopa hene – king of waist shakers

• Anumdwa hene – king of bragging

• Animguase3 hene – king of shame

• Ahomasoo hene – champion of arrogance

• Atorofoo hene – king of liars

• Azaafoo hene – king of 419

• Adwenbone hene – king of wickedness

• Aboro hene – king of destroyers

• P3s3menkomenyafoo hene – king of selfishness

• 3maap3foo hene – ladies’ man

• Amanbofoo hene – king of nation wreckers

• Akoromfoo hene – Ataa Ayi

• Awododoo hene – father of Ugandan, Zimbabwean, and Malawian children

• Akani akaba hene – man of no choice – i.e. girls, married or single women etc

• Monaatofoo hene – king of rapists

• Adufurup3foo hene – king of greedy bastards

• Awudifoo hene - king of political armed robbers

• Akatim akapim hene –

Folks, it is my strongest conviction that one or a combination of the above-mentioned accolades befits John Mahama more than the so-called “Ahobr3ase3 hene”. I therefore entreat the NDC to be very careful about the choice of accolades to their Presidential Candidates in order to avoid the calamity that befell the party recently; for just as the “Asomdwee hene” ended up at the “Asomdwee Park”, so could the “Adwaman hene” end up at the “Adwaman Park”.

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The time is ripe for the electorate to vote for a more intelligent, competent, visionary, and experienced person who is prepared to use his wisdom to provide fee-free secondary education for Ghanaian children.

God bless Ghana! God bless the NPP!! God bless Kufuor!!!

Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, Enfield. UK.

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Columnist: Agyemang, Katakyie Kwame Opoku