Charlotte Osei stubbornly keeps implementing her criminally-minded plans

Sun, 17 Jul 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Mrs Charlotte Osei, the Chair of the Electoral Commission is either proving smarter for Ghanaians or she is simply being criminal. This woman, whose husband is alleged to be another secret financier of NDC, keeps constantly moving the poles with intent to dubiously assist President Mahama and the NDC win the upcoming election 2016.

Let us examine some of the plans she keeps putting in place all with the aim of helping NDC continue to rule Ghana although, the public outcry for change of government gets louder each passing day.

Plan A: First, she categorically ruled out there being a new credible voters register for election 2016 although the majority of Ghanaians were clamouring for one. It is overwhelmingly perceived by many an honest Ghanaian that the current voters register is bloated with the names of foreigners who registered using NHIS card, the names of minors and the names of the deceased. As many Ghanaians came out calling for the current register to be replaced by an entirely new and genuinely compiled one, the NDC as usual came out supporting her intransigent stance.

Plan B: She conducted a limited voter registration exercise meant to enable those who have turned 18 years this year; those who have not registered previously, to register their names onto the electoral roll. However, as cunning as she is with her own secret objectives to achieve, she arranged for the conduction of the exercise at a time that the students of the tertiary institutions were at school with some students in the middle of taking their final year exams. There were a few registration centres without some at the campuses to facilitate easy access to students willing to register their names. When the exercise was over, most students had not had the opportunity to register. Pleaded as they did with her to extend the registration date by a few days to enable them get registered, she refused. Consequently, most are the students who although have turned 18 years and over, they could not register hence they are not eligible to vote at election 2016. She, with the NDC believe that students naturally vote NPP in their overwhelming majority, especially in a circumstance where the NDC and President Mahama have obviously ruined the nation financially through their overtly conspicuous acts of corruption that are greatly bemoaned by any discerning Ghanaian.

Plan C: She again refused to make known the correct number of people who registered with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card as their only source of national identification. However, NHIS card can be obtained by nationals and immigrants, their immigration status notwithstanding. Therefore, using NHIS card to gain permission to exercise anyone’s franchise in Ghana is absolutely not right.

She had to be forced by the Supreme Court ruling on a complaint lodged with it by one Abu Ramadan and his friend Nimoako, to accept to delete the names of those registered using NHIS card. Even here, as stubborn and wicked as she is, she did not submit the full list but 56,000 names whereas hundreds of thousands, if not over one million persons, were presumed to have registered their names onto the electoral roll using NHIS card.

Plan D: She is moving the date of voting from December 7th to November 7th to coincide with the American presidential election. This will make world leaders concentrate more on the American election than that of Ghana hence Ghana’s election not coming under international scrutiny. This will permit her to probably rig the election for NDC and President Mahama, according to their secret plans if any.

Her other final plan “E” is to indirectly do away with the biometric verification at elections. She has submitted a Constitutional Instrument (CI) to Parliament seeking their approval to allow whoever goes to the polling station to vote on Election Day when the verification machine fails to verify their thumbprint. When this is granted, then she has made nonsense of the entire new process of voting in Ghana where it was presumed or expected that the new process would reduce drastically the instances of people criminally relishing in, and embarking on, multiple voting.

Looking at the enormous capital outlay needed to bring about the new method of voting, why should she seek to render the entire process and expenditure meaningless? Is it not all about her plot to assist President Mahama and his political NDC party win election 2016 by hook or by crook? Is she not trying to facilitate voting by foreigners and other illegal registrants who are perceived to lean more towards NDC?

Whatever silly plans she comes up with, the NDC members are always supportive of them and are quick to jump to her defence regardless of the opposing views vehemently expressed by the majority of Ghanaians.

Are her intentions as spelt out in her deplorable plans not evil? Does she mean well for Ghanaians and Ghana’s future looking at the ways she is obstinately conducting herself and the duties of her office, as if Ghanaians deserve no respect? Is she not treating Ghanaians and their future welfare worse than she will treat the toilet paper she uses to wipe her arse?

In her mind’s eye, she is smarter and more intelligent than almost any Ghanaian hence continually putting in her concocted schemes.

No matter what Charlotte Osei does, God will not allow her to succeed in her evil enterprises or shenanigans.

The time is up for President Mahama and NDC to go. Ghanaians have had enough of them and can no longer cope with any further acts of corruption, incompetence and mismanagement of Ghana by them.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson