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Cheating double double

Cheating Soeple The author dwells on the various forms of schemes people adopt to dupe others

Mon, 21 Jan 2019 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Call it double dip, double-stepping on balls, double salary, any bad thing happening twice. That has been the nature of the congresspeople’s double cheating of the motherland. I feel the motherland lost with my special branch enlistment rejection when I attempted to join their ranks. They won’t have me because someone said I was too political.

But I have this penchant for what I feel as a hunch always turning into reality. Anytime I sense something, especially about mischief or of harm to the common good, it comes to pass.

Presently, what I thought happened with screwed banking in the motherland has just been confirmed. As the banks sprang up like mushrooms, I began to feel that it was the people’s money, our money, that was being funneled to form the banks. Now the Governor of Bank of Ghana has confirmed that at least one bank was established with money from COCOBOD. It should not happen that any honest public official would use public money that is not his to set up a bank. [[Doppelganger (resemblance), trumpian body double (evilly stolen identity]

I am sure by the time the whereabouts of the created, looted and shared judgment debt monies are traced, more of bank creation launderings would be discovered. Sometime ago, I read, that chief judgment debt ‘thiefman’ of GH¢51 million plus judgment debt beneficiary had his money routed through one of the failed banks with national bank and disbursed by Ministry of Finance connections.

You steal our money (first stealing), use it to open a bank, attract innocent compatriots to give you their money. You then take your money out. The next thing is that you take and dish out loans to drive the bank to near collapse. More public money is pumped into the bank for the sake of saving the poor innocent depositors; to protect the innocent depositors (life savings in some cases).

So, first stealing is directly of our money. Second is the money we pay to replace what was first stolen. After that, we pay to cover what you stole as loans from the bank. Next, the three-peat, we pay to safeguard or bail your bank out. That makes treble stealing from the taxpayer. You double steal from our public funds and triple steal when stealing from depositors is added.

My compatriots, the picture is that of amp?br? adufudep?fo? congrespeople of gross incompetence in managing national finances, developing banking schemes, ostensibly in support of indigenous business development, to steal and launder the stolen. It is some kind of debauched indigenization thinking and approach; laundering as indigenous business development enabling mechanism.

You pity, sympathise and even empathise with the victim who has had what he toiled to accrue as life savings or end of service earnings stolen from him. You may, thus, temper condemnation of you make your bed, you lie in it. Let’s not forget people lie in un-laid beds, or beds they didn’t lay

Doubling in many cases is negative; such as when congress claims CPP double. Where birth is doubled at a time, there are all kinds of stories about twins to the extent that a university has a whole programme of longitudinally studying them, be they monozygotic (identical) and dizygotic (fraternal). I am actually tempted to coin a term ‘apparitional or ghostlike banks’ which exist in the owner’s mind but are seen as real by the depositor; that is, scam of a bank.

Double down; double up; double dip, are not usually positive. Double dip inflation, the economists say is a condition of successive two negative GDP growth. A recession itself can also double dip. Doubleganger, more accurately German-spelt, doppelganger, refers to humans of physical or unphysical behaviour. Once at a funeral in Ho, this woman tells me in the face “you look like my dead brother.” Body double is an individual hired to hide a more prominent person from harm.

Much of doubling is about deception; the duplicate fakes the original. Congress fakes a political party and congresspeople are amp?br? constantly faking politician identity when what they practice is raiding funds in the public coffers in the name of politics. Money doubling is negative. Doubling may be shadowing, even though shadowy is manifestly negative. The worst of congresspeople is their doubletalk.

From our recent experience, not all banking is money laundering. In fact, not a lot of banking is money laundering. With congresspeople, though, quite some banking is more than money laundering. If they think I am lying, they should tell my compatriots where all the judgment debt money, all the interchange loans, all the e-school, eastern corridor or whatever loans they took went. After littering the whole place with filling stations, buying expensive mansions, and acquiring foreign property, the rest of the stolen money was banking-laundered.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh