Chop ‘n’ die octogenarians: Dominion Trust et al floored by NIB - Part I

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

In the arrogance of an unrelenting resolve to bring grief to the nation by running down a whole State bank, thereby rendering its customers bankrupt, I saw the shamelessness on the faces of people I once deemed Honourable. How would a person at the latter end of life’s long ladder want to leave a legacy of pain and insidiousness on the beloved country they belong to? That smacks of a lack of patriotism; or are they not Ghanaian? How could we intentionally be wicked to each other like that?

It would be recalled that Dominion Trust on behalf of their unknown cohorts sued the National Investment Bank for an alleged breach of contract. They were demanding certain reliefs from the court, mainly a sum of $120 million USD. It was wrong! It was an attempted theft! It was unpatriotic and downright treasonable!!! Yes it may be argued that it was a civil case, but in my honest-to-GOD opinion, any act, be it military, governmental, or civil, that has the propensity to destabilise the nation is an act of treason. And certainly, trying to rip the State off a colossal amount as 120 million USD will definitely destabilise the nation by way of far reaching repercussions and consequences. That makes it blatantly treasonable.

I call on the Special Prosecutor to investigate Dominion Trust and all those behind it for financial losses to the State. Yes of course, the National Investment Bank is State-owned, and if they are forced to pay legal fees and sundries to protect the interest of Ghana, that would affect the monetary strength of the bank. That would be tantamount to liabilities forcibly brought onto the State. This is financial loss to the State; and it falls within the jurisprudence of the Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Alamisi Benz Kaisar Amidu.

To quote from the book, “59 Years to Nowhere and Counting …The Future is Now”, page 6 par 4 has this to say about such unholy elders: “It would be interesting if elders discerned a fact that they preached; that the line of deception trails into nothing, but that of truth and justice continues into bliss and continuity.” They teach us to be honest and patriotic to mother Ghana, yet they practice the extreme opposite, at all. At the tapering end of their lifeline, these supposed honourable elders appear to involuntarily affirm that the gold, which their reputation seems to be made of, is not so after all.

Page 19 Par 1 of the same book, “59 Years to nowhere”, it reads, and I quote, “One would wonder what the role of elders in society is, other than touting the efficacy of their libidos. If they are found in need of help they must be aided and brought back on track by the youth.” Truly, they are the same octogenarians who meet up at their hideouts to binge, and fill their naughty escapades with debauchery and sin. But 120 million USD to do all that, knowing they are closer to their 6 feet than most others is preposterous and unheard of, especially that they went to lengths to attempt defrauding a whole nation of 29.6 million indignant citizens.

Then again, it could be a desperation to maintain certain unparalleled social stati that created the duress to which they capitulated resulting in the botched law suit against the National Investment Bank. Page 36 Par 2 of the book referred to above talks about such grumpy elders who want to amass wealth in dubious means just to maintain a strong foot on the ground. I quote, “Many instances of cantankerous elders come to mind. By way of pride, they think themselves at par with the rich and wish, in their wretchedness, to amass wealth anyway and anyhow. They collude with people in power, resorting to unconstitutional means of gaining what is never theirs.

On page 37 par 2, the statement therein is very emphatic. It says, “Elders must rather arrest the deteriorating social cohesion that is no longer holding.” However, these Octogenarians, their cohorts, and colluders, managed to scheme to further entangle an already confused society of sodomised people raped by NDC thieves. But they finally run into a blockade of learned Justices who refused to sell conscience and country. It seems that, finally, the days of travesty in the courts are over. Nationalism has come to stay, in shaa ALLAH, and the rule of law is taking criminals in its wake, irrespective of the various political divides.

You see, then again, it boils down to maintenance of the culture of accountability no matter the age or status of the persons involved. After all, in spite of the reverence we have for the elderly, when they goof they should be corrected. Another quote from page 64 par 1 of the book says, “Opinions, sometimes, are undeservedly discarded due to human ego and pride. But, left up to me, I maintain that in times when elders become visionless and leaders become aimless and wise men peddle stupidity, it would only be circumspect to add a notch of valour to one’s patriotism and speak a word of truth no matter the weight of the arms of injustice that may descend.”

Let me take this opportunity to commend the strong legal team put together by the National Investment Bank. Indeed they did a great job of patriotism to our nation. I thank John Kweku Asamoah, MD of NIB, for believing in Ghana, which was the driving force behind the stoicism he exhibited in the face of such an adversity by licit fraudsters. The “chop ‘n’ Die” elders who dishonestly took the bank to court over false allegations had obtained judgment in their favour to the tune of approximately 120 million USD, and defended it at the appeals court. John Asamoah continued to fight. He sent the case to the Supreme Court, which subsequently overturned the judgment, and threw the suit out of court. They then persisted by filing for a review at the Supreme Court praying the Lords to review the judgment.

Today, 13/03/2018, would enter into our glorious history as having averted a major calamity of national proportions. John Asamoah, is really a hero and must be decorated with the highest award of the land for saving precious Ghanaian lives who would otherwise have expired were the Octogenarians successful in scamming the nation. And he said, “This victory is for Mother Ghana!” What else can we infer from this statement other than Selfless Ghanaianism?


By Fadi Dabbousi

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi