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Christianity is the downfall and denigration of Africans and continental Africa

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Tue, 2 May 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

I expect all public readers who will chance upon this article to approach it with an open mind, discernment, and without any prejudice. There are numerous clearest evidential instances to cite to prove how the Africans’ fanatical embracement of Christianity has culminated in their present, if not their near perpetual status of total denigration as subhumans, beggars, and generally poor people without the ability to manage their own affairs, hence their countries being mocked and treated as shitholes, but factually so.

The African, especially the Ghanaian, exhibits the conspicuous inability to do things of merit on their own; therefore, they always look up to their contemporary whites for guidance and assistance, and you just name it, they do.

Yes, the whites, in their scramble for and partitioning of, Africa, came with their Christian religion, introduced it to us, and the Ghanaian embraced it with a thunderous clapping of hands and acceptance with jubilation.

Finally, Ghanaians became docile and started doing their masters’ bidding in the belief that such an attitude would earn them everlasting favour take them to heaven, where they would know no illness, pain, death, or worries of life but everlasting joy.

This docility and weakness of mind, brought upon Ghanaians by their spurious understanding and misinterpretation of the Bible as the foundation of Christianity, ended up in their capture and shipment to Europe and then new found America, bound in chains on their hands and ankles, to work as slaves.

Why did the whites become so cruel towards the Ghanaian and not hesitate to kill or mistreat him if they believed in the Bible, especially its cardinal or flagship tenet of “love thy neighbour as thyself”? However, the Ghanaian has come to embrace the Bible with all their heart, soul, and mind, to the point of accepting that any worldly possessions are all vanity hence, they had better suffer utter poverty here on earth to enjoy a better life after death in heaven.

If non-total adherence to the Bible and Christianity makes one unfit to ascend to heaven, then I will pause to ask my fellow Christian Ghanaians exhibiting religious fanaticism a few questions to get my mind clear on some issues.

1) Do many Ghanaians not have the belief that Ghana is a more Christian or religious country than any of the European, American, or Asian countries, to the point of naively emphasising that most of the white people will not go to heaven because they don’t have much time worshipping God if not fully believing in God or the Bible?

2) If point number one above is a yes to Ghanaians, do we not stand condemnable in the eyes of God for partaking of the fruits of the ungodliness of the white people, as in the monetary and material handouts they give to us from time to time, as shameless international beggars as the Ghanaians or Africans are?

3) If the white people were to spend all their time at churches praying and doing nothing, 24 hours a day, seven days (24/7) a week, as seen in Ghana, would they be able to have time to produce the things and raise the money that we are envious of or that they help us out with?

4) In a court of law, is a person buying, or always purchasing, stolen items from an arrested thief also not arrested and charged with complicity as being an accomplice? I hope this question had better be framed by a lawyer to bring out the point I strongly intend to make to prove the Ghanaian equally wrong or guilty in the eyes of God, as our acceptance of goods from those deemed evil equally makes us evil.

5) Does living worryingly in utter penury on earth in the hope of enjoying an everlastingly better life after death in heaven, where we don’t know it exists but believe it does, not make us a bit of a fool? If living in poverty here on earth is the validated passport granting us unhindered access to heaven, why are we always blaming our governments for the periodic or constant economic hardships of life that we go through?

I had better stop asking questions to proceed to divulge other salient facts about why the Ghanaian, African, or black man’s comprehension and fanatical embracement, clearly a misinterpretation of the Bible as the root of their Christianity, have taken them into their current state of hopeless people mired, stagnating, and wobbling in abject poverty, corruption, lawlessness, armed robberies, and all the other vices you can think of.

Does the Bible not entreat you to love your neighbour as yourself? Are we able to do that? If yes, why do we steal from our neighbour? Why do we commit crimes against our neighbour or do things that hurt them to the core?

Why are our pastors charging their church members and the public consultation fees when they approach them in one meeting for advice and guidance on their tormenting problems? Did Jesus, whom they preach and follow to hopefully take them to heaven, do that when he walked the face of the earth, demonstrating God to us?

Why are the current Ghanaian pastors and prophets seeking personal material wealth, going every step forward that will help them attain their objective, even to the point of allegedly performing human sacrifices, all in the name of adherence to Christianity, a foreign religion, followed wisely by their originators but not the Ghanaian or African?

School blocks and any available empty building space in Ghana are being turned into churches and places of worship for God. More time is spent at these places than time spent doing profitable jobs to raise income for the worshippers and taxes for the government.

However, these same worshippers, most of whom don’t contribute a dime towards the government’s collection of taxes, turn around to clamour for the provision of good roads, jobs, hospitals, etc. When they don’t get them, they threaten to no longer vote for those, or the government, in power.

Do we get all the good physical things we require from an empty plate as in the Akan proverb, “Enye apotoyewaa mu na ye tu domo” (you can’t go uprooting mushrooms from the grinding pot), to wit, you cannot gain anything from nothing. The answer is a Big No!

Why have Ghanaians, Africans, or black people allowed themselves to be fooled by their pastors, who preach to them one thing while they practice otherwise on their blind side or right in front of them?

Do we not have evidence in the Ghanaian public domain about some pastors sleeping around with other people’s wives, staging their anointed powers for letting miracles happen, all vaingloriously and fakely, sacrificing human beings for power, wealth, and fame?

Why should we allow ourselves to be fooled to the point of total impoverishment in the name of Christianity? If it were not the very Christians committing the various crimes and sins that retard us as a nation and people, why would the members of the True Faith Church in Ghana come out with the song below?

Christianity is not bad, even if the whites brought it to weaken and render us amenable for them to be able to exploit us to the hilt. If we followed the Bible properly, availing ourselves of the cardinal principles and being as wise as the ant and clever as the serpent, we wouldn’t be in our present confused and poverty-stricken state as a people, a nation, or continent.

In the Bible, does it not tell us to be honest, faithful to one another, work hard, and stay away from crimes? Why are we doing the very opposite to giving people the chance and platform to question and trash Christianity?

Until we change from our shallow but wicked understanding, application, and misinterpretation of the Bible and Christianity, the Ghanaian, and by extension, the African, will continue to remain slaves in all the facets of their lives here on earth until thy kingdom comes.

We have to be up and doing, reasoning and behaving responsibly as rational beings, but not as criminals and selfish fools as we are presently, if I should be frank with you.

I don’t mean to insult anyone, but to tell the truth, that hurts as it is!

What a nice recipe for preparing your mind’s food to enjoy on your May 1 worldwide public workers' holiday! Wow!

More to follow. I am not an anti-Christ. And do I care if you treat me so, but in the end, the Ghanaian or the African rises to the occasion, performing their duties and expectations as a people and a nation to the admiration of the orderly God?

Columnist: Rockson Adofo