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Church of Christ preachers: Wolves in sheep clothens

P Reach Street preacher

Fri, 5 Aug 2016 Source: Bombande, Emmanuel

Folks, good day to you all.My four months absence on this platform got my followers cogitating.A good number of them phoned me and were like,"oh jack,what's happening"? The good news is that I'm back with more venom.

Anyway, I bring you greetings from Cambodia this time around.

My dear readers,as you have always known me,the political field has been my field of play but this time round,the nostril of my rifle is directed at some so called Christians and preachers within the brackets of the CHURCHES OF CHRIST.

I must confess that I write today's piece with a deep sense of sadness coupled with sorrow because it has never been my style to expose my "brown coloured incisors" to "men of God".Concatenations have compelled me to put pen to paper.

As a young of about sixteen years of age who had gotten enough maternal care,I decided to migrate from Obuasi to Yendi so I could get some elements of paternal care as well.On arrival, I was ushered and baptized into church of Christ just like my dad(the pivot around which the church of Christ mission health centre revolves).

The warm reception I had - gave me merged faith and hope.I thought I had come to meet cronies who truly had the word of God at heart,little did I know that some of them were wolves in sheep clothens.

I have a long memory so I can still recall the letter one of the preachers wrote to the Americans to devour the old man of the clinic (Peter K. Bombande) all in the name of envy,jealousy and hatred. One thing they have failed to acknowledge is that,the old man has distinguished himself from his field of work.

One Akan proverb I love so much is that"a child who knows how to wash his hands well,eats with elders",If the proverb is anything to go by,then it is also valid that an elder who does not know how to wash his hands well,is denied a seat at the dining table with the elders.

Comrades, it is for this reason I became more than the word "excited"when I heard the decision of the Americans to design a farewell package for the old man for his dedicated service to God and mankind. Fortunately or unfortunately, the religious saboteurs were successful in strangulating that dream to death.Today,they come in a different cassock,pretending to be the architects of that same dream they killed many years ago.

Ooh!hmmm,how I wish the churches of christ were like the orthodox churches where accountability is key.

Anyway,a diamond we all know,does not loose it's value simply because a dog barks at it.The oldman (Peter K.Bombande) is undoubtedly brilliant, competent, confident, affable and incorruptible. Even though he is in his sick bed,he will never loose these virtues simply because his detractors are shouting their voices hoarse.

Like I always put it,instead of going down to the nitty-gritty of this matter,I have chosen to allow the surface tension of the stagnant water to remain unbreakable, but I promise my dear readers that my next encounter will be more fire works,direct,specific and more punching.

I have said my mind in clean conscience and I know I'm going to have a blissful sleep because a clean conscience makes a soft pillow.

"mma,give me a gallon of 'pito' and five stones of kola nuts to quench my anger".

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel