Citizens of Ghana Arise!

Wed, 18 Jan 2012 Source: Poku, Kojo

Oh Ghana, my Ghana, our Ghana! Did Alfred Agbesi Woyome have a contract or

not? Do we have to pay him 51 million Ghana cedis before we find out THAT

HE WAS PAID ILLEGALLY? Hmmmmmmmmm, Attah Millls (Koo Atta) wake up!.... It

appears that Jerry has always been right about your POOR and WEAK

leadership! Are things falling apart Wofa Atta; and the center cannot hold?


anarchy is loosed upon our dear mother Ghana? The cerebration of corruption is

drowned or meted on us with impunity? The best in our country lacks all

conviction to act responsively, while the worst are full of passionate

intensity to steal; steal left, right and center? Did I hear someone say they chop

nyafu nyafu and nyama, nyama? Majority of Ghanaians are suffering from the

obvious economic hardships created by our ineptitude government headed by

Koo Attah. Ghanaian citizens have no choice than to watch in silence these

greedy criminals milking our country’s resources left, right and center!

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu has sounded the

right alarm bells this time around. Though a little too late, his

description as fraudulent the payment made to Woyome has been the strongest we have

seen of any Attorney General of Ghana act recently. We are watching the

event as it unfolds to see if he will have the “balls” to carry this case

through the wheels of justice that has ELUDED Ghanaians for so long! Koo Attah

’s initial reaction to this whole episode smacks of hypocricy if one

thinks of his criticism of ex-president President Kufour when he was in power!

A 2010 African Union study estimated that corruption cost the continent

roughly _$180 billion a year_ (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2265387.stm)

. To compare, developed countries gave _$22.5 billion in aid_

(http://www.oecd.org/document/35/0,3343,en_2649_34487_42458595_1_1_1_1,00.html) to

sub-Saharan Africa in 2008, according to the Organization for Economic

Cooperation and Development. Some economists argue that African governments need to

fight corruption instead of relying on foreign aid. But anti-corruption

efforts on the continent and Ghana have been a lip service. President Mills

promised Ghanaians that he would fight corruption when he is elected! Over

three years in office but the feeble President Mills has never done anything

about corruption. His government has been rumored as one of the most

corrupt regimes in Ghana and Africa!

Kofi Wayo we applaud your loud noise about these corrupt leaders, Jerry,

BOOM louder; for the citizens of Ghana are firmly behind you.

Arise, arise citizens of Ghana, arise, DON NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE, SPEAKUP!

By Kojo Poku (Chicago)


Columnist: Poku, Kojo