Petition to President Akufo-Addo over DSTV disconnections

Dstv Logo One File Photo

Tue, 7 Apr 2020 Source: Nana Kofi Amponsah

Dear Nana Addo,

Ever Since you became Ghana’s President you have performed very well.

2020 has come with many difficult challenges especially with this Covid 19 Pandemic the world is battling now.

Around the globe every organization is playing their part to help reduce the spread of the Virus. In Ghana and some parts of the world there have been lock down measures put down to help reduce and end the spread of the Virus.

Nana DSTV have been Disconnecting us too much during this Pandemic. I believe DSTV can play a major role to help make the lockdown successful if they review their subscription charges and reduce cost considerably for their subscibers.

The Telecommunication companies too can also play a major role in helping to easy the economic stress on users by doing something about their call and data charges.

Mr President you have been a listening father and a good President this is why i want to channel this my Petition to you to help Ghanaian Subscribers of DSTV because they are making life unbearable for Ghanaian Subscribers.

Mr President please help Ghanaian subscribers to get a fair deal from the DSTV and Telecommunication companies. Their charges must come down and DSTV should stop Disconnecting subscribers. DSTV Should rollover our recharge if it not consumed by the end of the month. Especially at this Covid 19 Global Crisis.

Thank you Nana Addo. Together let’s make GHana a better place.

Columnist: Nana Kofi Amponsah