President Nana Addo's free water and electricity a deception in disguise

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Sat, 11 Apr 2020 Source: Yussif Ikleel

Government of Nana Addo has announced that it's going to absorb water and electricity bills of low-income consumers in the country for April, May and June. Amazing gesture!!

Suddenly, the children in us have been brought out, He knows very well that he stands to lose a fortune based on the numerous challenges and scandals his government has faced and it seems there could be nothing to be done about it. As clever as insincere and deceptive people are. They know that one sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest and deceptive ones. President Nana Addo knows very well some good gestures of honesty and generosity brings down the guard of even the most suspicious people. That is the trick, once his selective gesture of only three months free water and electricity opens a hole in our armour, he can deceive and manipulate us at will. In Nana Addo's case, he has an election to win and his government has been unpopular with thievery, destruction, deception and incompetence. He needed to do it irrespective of the pressure of the former president J.D Mahama.

In the midst of this crisis, he president Nana Akuffo Addo chose to play smart, he knew there is a way to get money from world bank and IMF which they needed badly to pump into the economy. To be sure of getting the money, the disease must be recorded in ghana because the money would be meant to fight the corona pandemic.

Majority of the people are reliant on daily income to feed their families. people would need help and would be grateful for every little help that would come. Every smart person would take advantage of this opportunity, He needs to make use of one selective generosity to get the people to forget all the scandals ranging from the five hundred stolen excavators, six hundred tricycles, the PDS, the visa scandals, the missing Takoradi girls and a lot of such scandals.

The essence of deception is a distraction. Distracting the people you want to deceive you have the time and space to do something they won't notice. An act of kindness, generosity, or honest is often the most powerful form of distraction because it disarms other people's suspicions. It turns them into children, eagerly lapping up any kind of affectionate gesture.

In ancient china this was called "giving before you take,'' so this should wake Africa up as to the kind of game China is playing with them. You can call it whatever you like aid, assist or help they all fall under giving before you take and you stand to gain precious things when taking after you have given.

The giving makes it hard for the other person to notice the taking. We all know that brazenly taken something from someone is dangerous, even for the powerful. The victim will plot revenge. It is also a pity to simply ask for what you need no matter how politely; unless the other person sees gain for himself, he may come to resent your neediness.

Readers would recall, when the then flag bearer of NPP was begging to be tried, saying try me, I am here to protect the public purse, I will not steal your money, he knew very well that when you are asking for a favour. You need to appeal to the people's interest, never to their mercy or gratitude. His government had gained an unwanted reputation, there's the need for him to be smart, to play this trick to get the people to forget all the scandals.

The coronavirus was discovered in China. It was discovered in 2019 and hence the name covid-19, "coronavirus disease 2019", and it was made short, thus covid-19. As of December 2019, the disease was prevalent in China. By January 2020 some of the European countries have started recording cases and the cases kept rising. And by then China sounded a word of caution to the world with regards to the rapid spread of the disease until March when Ghanaians were alarmed and started calling for the cancellation of the sixth March celebration to avoid the spread of the disease, not knowing that this government is targeting hundred million dollars from the world bank and IMF. To be sure of getting the money they have to let loose of the borders and people were entering the country unchecked, untested and without quarantine.

A country like Germany with a population of 83,02 million recorded 118,235 with the rate of death at 2,607, 52,407 recoveries, there was no lockdown. The people chose to stay home for their own safety and at the end of the month, the people would earn 80 percent of their salaries as though they have worked.

Unlike the government of Nana Akuffo Addo, instead of it to think far ahead as all the European countries in a lockdown, Ghana cannot compare itself to them, this government chose to go the same path. A population of about thirty million, with the infection rate of 378 with only 6 death and you think lockdown is the best best way to stop the spread? Ghana could have taken advantage of the situation to revamp its economy by turning it into exportation reliant as against the weak economic indicator which Ghana's economy relies on, that is the importation.

Finally, this government could do more with the money received from world bank. Ghanaians never expected it even though the former president was putting pressure on the government to do it, the government has had to succumb to the pressure and absorb three months water and electricity tariffs, At the end of the day, Nana Akuffo has succeeded in getting Ghanaians singing praises when in actual fact, it is a deception.

Columnist: Yussif Ikleel
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