Nations must salute efforts of all farmers in the war against coronavirus

Sat, 11 Apr 2020 Source: Samoa Mensa

We may never be wrong when we are quick to praise the efforts of

doctors, nurses and other health professionals in the world's fight

against this deadly virus, Corona. Yes indeed, they are poised as the

front lines of the fight.

However, let us do this reasoning together. As of now, the best

implemented strategy of nations of the world in the fight against this

deadly disease has not been cure (medicine) but prevention (social


This is the very reason why almost every nation in the world is

practicing one or more of ideal forms of social distancing ie

confinement, lock down, state of emergency etc according to their own

needs to win the fight.

Think about this! In this our current state of confinement and lock

down, what keeps and sustains human lives more than the food from the

farmer's fields?

The World Health Organization (WHO) awareness campaign against the

pandemic goes like this; ‘’the real front line in the fight against

Coronavirus is you and your door step; stay home, stay safe, stay

alive’’. This is a very good advert on television screens with words

which make absolute sense. We should however note that ‘’stay home,

stay safe, stay alive’’ would not be possible if there is no food.

This makes the man or nation with abundant of food in a time like this

the most powerful one. As written in the bible in Genesis, Joseph

interpreted a dream, Pharaoh and his nation Egypt obeyed and they were

wise enough to store enough food that could cater for their needs

should there be famine as was told. Truly, during the period of the

famine, all nations looked up to them. This made Egypt very powerful.

For fear of this viral infection, let all farmers say ''we have

secured enough food for our families in our barns and warehouses,

hence we are abandoning our lands to stay at home'', and we would know

if there would be a single soul left to be chased by this wicked virus

for doctors to quarantine and treat. We'd all starve to death!

Governors can pay for themselves fat salaries, the rich can cheat the

poor and employ dishonest means to get billions in his account, and

Governments can give huge sums of money to their citizens as COVID-19

relief package, but the wise would realize that these monies and

packages would be of no commercial importance if there is short or no

supply of food. Nobody can chew or make a meal out of raw coins and


The economy of a nation with inadequate supply of food is as useless

as wind and cloud that cannot cause rain to fall.

Truly, the wisdom of Governors is important against the fight; the

knowledge and brilliance of doctors and nurses cannot be neglected as

we fight; the efforts of our able security services are also a thing

to commend; responsible parents who sing lullaby for their babies at

home and also use different entertaining strategies to keep their

children indoors are also to be thanked for. All these players are

really contributing their part to the collective fight against this


People may be bored with doing the same thing may be repeated in their

homes day after day but when food is served on the table, hallelujah.

The hero in the real front line of the fight against this pandemic is

unsung. Social distancing (confinement and lock down) which is the

best form of prevention has been possible due to adequate availability

of food and its efficient supply.

Therefore, I expect the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah

Akufo-Addo, to salute all farmers in his next COVID-19 address to the

nation. Likewise I would wish the World Health Organization and Heads

of States in nations of the world to start a common campaign to praise

the efforts of all hardworking farmers who are tirelessly working in

their fields to provide enough food for humanity.

Above all, ''Human wisdom, brilliance, insight - they are of no help

if the LORD is against you.'' Proverbs 21:30. Hence we pray earnestly

for the Lord's mercy, and may He be with us all in these times so that

our collective efforts may count.

My special blessing goes to all peasant and commercial farmers in

nations of the world. You and your fields are one important pillar of

human survival. I pray, in the name of the almighty Lord Jesus, and

shield your territories from any evil invasion.

I love you all!

Pastor Samoa Mensa.

Columnist: Samoa Mensa