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Communication must be a two-way traffic system

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Mon, 26 Mar 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

Communication, the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings is a vital component in the success of whatever we do as human beings. Even in the computer technology, the various software and applications must communicate with each other as programmed for the objectives of their purpose for installation to be attained.

Communication is such an effective weapon such that it’s efficacy in our marriages, at workplaces and in any jobs where a team work is required must not be underrated. As soon as communication is broken down, it becomes harder if not impossible to attain any envisaged target or expectations within the timeframe for which they have been set.

Communication, like a conversation, is a two-way traffic system. No one can be communicating to themselves unless they are soliloquizing or else, they may be considered to be mad or about to lose their head. When you are engaged in a conversation and you seem not to be getting anywhere because each of you has a divergent views, then the best thing to do is to abrogate the conversation. The continuation of the conversation may have the likelihood of culminating in something heated and in the end unpalatable without achieving any tangible purpose but bitter enmity.

This is a life experience. Give each one sufficient time to reconsider their views and approaches as time is said to be a healer and with the passage of time, things can change either for the better or for worse. Dialogue, has always been the best solution to approach new relationships and when there happens to be contrary views, simply end it without much hesitation.

"All that glitters is not gold". However, if you are pursuing a genuine cause as I have been doing in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, persist without ceasing until justice is done. The is where it is said, “perseverance conquers difficulties” and “determination backed by action is the key to success”. These go to remind me of what I leant during my Bible Knowledge (BK) lessons given by Master Amofa at Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School in 1973. He made mention of “importunity” as a good means of obtaining something dear to your heart, and even with God, employing the attitude of importunity works very well.

What is importunity? It is the state or quality of being importunate; persistence in solicitation. And importunate means repeatedly asking for something, in a forceful and annoying way.

If you have say, two children, the one who keeps always pestering you for one thing or the other normally gets them than the docile child who does not ask or is refused when he/she demands but refuses to keep bothering the parent and takes whatever he/she is told for an answer.

My failure to employ the tactics of importunity once cost me something dearly. After having a discussion with a friend during one school holiday evening, the person was unyielding to my demand because of the person’s own held views. I decided not to talk to the person or raise the issue for two years. When after two years I went back to the person concerned to talk about the same issue, the person said, and “Even though I feel shy to tell you this, I shall be honest with you. The day you made a certain request of me and I refused you, the moment you turned your back to me and walked off, I instantaneously regretted my decision. From the following day, I came sitting outside my house at the time that I knew you to pass by but since I felt shy to approach you to say I have rescinded my no decision but you never came back to say anything more to me, I decided that should be it. The heart has decided and there is no turning back. Now, it is too late because the answer you needed has been given to someone else”.

Here is where the following song by Laurel Aitken’s called “It’s Too Late To Say That You're Sorry - Trojan Reggae - 45 rpm” under the YouTube link, comes in.


He who keeps repeatedly asking God for something will surely get it one day by one way or the other. This is why the bible says, although God your Father knows your problems, however, never cease praying, never cease seeking, never cease knocking and never cease asking. He who seeks shall find. It will be opened to he who knocks on the door and it will be given to he who asks.

For repeatedly asking me to pay them visits for over several years in an importunate manner, I shall grant the requests of Messrs James Addai alias Kwaku James (USA) and Kyei Boateng (Canada) bearing in mind the song “Tell alone will tell” by Jimmy Cliff on YouTube link:


However, the visits will be surprised or unannounced ones for security and safety reasons.

Finally, may I extend my expressions of condolences to Adwoa and Auntie Charlotte and their children on the death of their ex late husband Opanin Kwame Dapaa who passed four months ago with his remains yet to be interred. I learnt about his demise only on Saturday, 24 March 2018. Dua and Bamfo, former alumni of Kumawu Tweneboa Kodua Secondary school and the nephews of Opanin Kwaa Paa, my heartfelt condolences to you and your entire relatives.

Finally, note the usefulness of communication and its associated importunities.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo