Condemn NDC for Unknowingly Facilitating Civil Unrest in Ghana

Fri, 22 Mar 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The NDC as a government and a party, are very unknowingly bringing about civil unrest in Ghana. Their actions of selective justice, perpetration of corruption on unprecedented scale, visionless, mediocrity, incompetence and their propensity to fabricate lies to mask their frivolous character as the governing leaders and party, are gradually causing the country bedlam.

The NDC as a party are fond of having misplaced priorities all of the time. They believe nobody can, and has the right to, challenge them, or question whatever they do hence; the untold hardships come to bear upon Ghanaians today. In the dearth of water supply, whether treated or otherwise, to those living in our big cities, President Mahama has found the shameless audacity to attempt to sponsor some 200 pastors to Israel. What is the motive behind the desire by the president to send the pastors to Israel? Is it to supplicate God to let him live instead of dying as supposed to have been revealed to Prophet Owusu Bempah? If this is the main reason, then I suggest he had better go to see the prophet for directions than to waste money on meaningless trip when Ghanaians are suffering from wants of many things. In what is alleged to be come to stay "load shedding" (rationing of electricity), popularly and teasingly known in our local Ghanaian parlance as "Dumsor dumsor", the President and the NDC continue to lie about the situation. The President, unable to find his bearings at the presidency, is initiating quite unreasonable policies.

As Ghanaians are struggling with teeming problems, saddled with economic and financial problems, the president and his bunch of clueless NDC government and party think all is well. They even expect us to give them rounds of applause on mentioning of their names or seeing their shadows or penumbra pass by.

I am sorry to reveal on authority as a practical observer monitoring the situation in Ghana that the NDC governments since January 2009 have been preparing fertile grounds for eventual civil or military uprising in Ghana. They should not underestimate the intelligence of Ghanaians or assume the hardships Ghanaians are going through are minor. While they embezzle funds as though tomorrow never comes, many are those out there in their millions suffering. The NHIS has almost collapsed yet, the NDC boast about their unprecedented achievements. What have they achieved for Ghana all these years or since the last four years? They have achieved nothing, but abject poverty, thievery and complete mismanagement of the economy. The evidence is all over the place for all to see. Sorry to say, a blind person groping in the dark is even able to see or feel the hardships the incompetent NDC administration has brought upon Ghanaians yet, we have some rogues like Koku Anyidohu impersonating a Margaret Jackson to write balderdash in defence of the NDC and John Mahama.

Yes, the NDC with President Mahama in charge have unprecedentedly connived with swindlers like Alfred Agbesi Woyome to dupe the coffers of Ghana. Similar deplorable acts as in perpetration by the NDC brought about the likes of the French revolution in 1789 when the commoners rebelled against the feudal lords and ended up killing their king and overthrowing the French monarchy.

In any time in history that people feel really suppressed and lost all hope, revolution becomes the last resort to liberate them of whatever shackles of slavery they find themselves in. The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) came about the same way when the then thirteen British colonies on the North American continent united to fight the Kingdom of Great Britain. They had come to see themselves as suppressed and cheated by Britain, the same feelings and animosity many Ghanaians are expressing towards the NDC government of today.

I will come back again with more explicit write-ups on this subject. Nevertheless, I am scared of the dangerous path the NDC are charting for Ghana as a nation. I can no longer stand the stench of corruption emanating from the camp of the NDC and also, how they take Ghanaians for fools. I do not want to see innocent Ghanaians continue to suffer for the callousness and incompetence of the NDC government.

"It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps", I have warned the NDC. I invited President Mahama to come and drink freely from my overflowing fountain of wisdom. He has not bothered to avail himself of the opportunity offered to him on a silver platter. It is always too late for a fool to learn, by the time he realises his folly, it has become what is, "Had I known". Nonetheless, a wise saying goes, "Had I known is always at last"

I am very happy that Dr. Kwabena Duffour, my fellow Kumawu compatriot has at last seen the danger the NDC represents and subsequently turned down the offer to remain in his Finance Ministry post. President Mahama pleaded with him to stay on but he declined. He was not sacked him as being bandied by some Ghanaians with my own NPP faithful inclusive. He wanted to be of service to his people and nation but the NDC rogues have rather blemished his hard won reputation. The issue of Woyome with all the similar gargantuan judgment debt payments dubiously paid out to many people have all in a way or the other blemished Dr. Duffour. This is how far the NDC will taint your reputation if you fellowship with them. Kwabena has retired from active politics, I should think. Like a wounded lion, he will proceed to his native place of birth to lick his wounds, all because of the unpalatable nature of the NDC as government and a party.

A word to the wise is sufficient. President Mahama as confused as he is, unable to find his feet in the presidential arena should please not seek to add insults to injuries by influencing or arranging to influence the Supreme Court judges to decide in his favour. He should allow justice to take its course. I am sitting in the comfort of my room monitoring the situation in Ghana, seeking the opinion of my White legal minds, and sharing any advice given with my readers.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson