Confession of Allan Kyeremanteng: Rejoinder

Alankyeremanten Jan2007

Tue, 4 Dec 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The office of the NDC presidential candidate John Evens Attah Mills article dated Thursday 29th November, Confession of Kyermanteng, is a political smear and lies from Attah Mills and his murderous NDC party. The NDC party, which has no future in our nation political system, is desperate to put negative words in Alan’s mouth.

The NDC presidential candidate has the audacity to publish negative stories about Alan Kyeremanteng to the media about Attah Mills tribalistic house-to-house campaign which were conducted in the Central Region to be more effectively win some passion from the residents in the Central Region to vote for him in 2008 elections. The NDC is a ferocious party. Nobody should waste his or her time on them. Attah Mills and his staff said, “While Amoanko Tufuor and Co. are confessing that the NPP is an Ashanti party, Allan “Cash” Kyeremanteng is also confession that Atta Mills, house to house campaign is hurting the NPP”. Even if Amoako Tufuor is saying that the NPP party is an Ashanti’s party, what is wrong with that?

History will establish that the majority of the people who are Ashanti descendents are now living in the Volta Region, Western Region and Central Region and are chiefs and queens from these areas whose ancestors are all from the Ashanti Region. The NPP party is neither an Ashanti nor a one-man party. So now what? Unlike the NPP party the NDC party was founded by Jerry John Rawlings who has murdered Ghanaian judges, citizen’s Military officers and our former head of states for unjustifiable reasons; Rawlings is multi billionaire and sole financier to his NDC party, who love to ethnic politics. I could not care less to respond when stupid, egocentric people continue to talk nonsense about the Ashanti’s. I have no passion for such people, period. If not because of the Ashanti’s the British people would have enslaved us and destroyed our nation’s rich cultural heritage. These idiotic statements from Mills office sound like Alan Kyeremateng who is truly the man with commonsense and the vision to lead the nation, does not know what he is doing. The question is who in his right mind would vote for Jerry John Rawlings murderous NDC party with Mills as their presidential candidate over Alan Kyeremanteng? Alan is a gifted politician who has been ordained by God to lead his nation Ghana to the Promised Land, as Moses was called by God to lead his people from captivity to the Promised Land. Instead of Mills’s office concentrating on his health issues and doing something constructive about his personal life, he has been going around the country and telling lies about Alan Kyeremateng. According to the reports from Cape Coast and Elmina, Mills will never win any elections from their constituencies. They said when Mills was a vice President to the autocratic NDC party what did he do for them? Nothing! It was Mills boss Jerry Rawlings who persecuted Okotwe Bekwie and De Graft Johnson for selling their houses in London to finance their PNP party. Mills boss could not continue the work De Graf Johnson started and bring developments to their communities. Mills and his NDC staff are creating pure fabrications against Alan Kyerematen but they will never get way with it.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi